Culture tip: Art exhibition ‘Art en Fusion’ in Brussels

Credit: @Mireilleroobaertphotography

Are you a lover of unique art? Then this month you should be in the Brussels art hall ‘Salle Freddy Thielemans’. Until the 23rd of February you will find the art exhibition ‘L’art en fusion’ by the African-Belgian artist-chef Ôdéwa. We already had a first glimpse!

Ôdéwa is a trained chef with a passion for making art and taking pictures. Before, she thought that her passions could only exist separately. But recently she got more and more the feeling that she had to unite them. With that new twist in mind she went to work. You can see the result today in her art exhibition ‘L’art en fusion’.

For the works in the exhibition the artist worked mainly with Japanese paper and acrylic paint. Bold brush strokes and splashes of paint, alternated with soft touches, are complemented by striking colours and surprising textures. Ôdéwa uses natural elements, herbs and ingredients and brings her works to life in three dimensions.

Delicacy, fragility, transparency and truth define my art. Similar to the bodies I paint and photograph, my works suggest a surrender and sense of letting go without restrictions.

Ôdèwa completes her list of creative ideas with bodies on which she creates art. In the run-up to her performance, she set to work with living models which she integrates into her works according to a specific choreography of paint. The body and the fabric covering her models become one with the canvas she works on. This unique approach creates an amazing effect, which is enhanced by photography and post-production. Here she digitally assembles the different elements and creates a work that stimulates the senses.

Look, feel and smell

The best thing about the exhibition is the fact that you have to touch some of the works to understand what is going on. Sometimes it’s two or three works that have been put together. You have to smell or feel some of the works. That is what makes this expo so particularly playful and challenging. You see the work, but when you smell it, your feeling may change completely.

You can visit ‘L’art en fusion’ on Monday (15h – 20h) and Tuesday (11h – 13h) and in the weekend (11h – 17h). The art exposition runs until Sunday 23rd of February. On the ground floor you will also find older works by the artist from previous exhibitions.

This article has been written in collaboration with @ANGELOVEROOFFICIAL

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