Create your own paradise on a budget


Now that summer is here, and it looks like our garden might be the only tropical destination we will reach this year, we have listed a few tips to create your own little paradise. Instead of running to the store, take a look at your attic or basement, you never know what kind of treasures are still lying there. Because in this article, we will share some inspiration to turn old into gold.

A garden is a friend you can visit anytime.

Wooden ladders

These can be used in a huge garden as well as on a balcony to create more space. Although the ladder itself is a showpiece, you could always hang flower boxes with hooks. This way, the wood stands out nicely with the bright colors of the flowers. Don’t have green fingers? Don’t worry. You can always fill the ladder with light hoses so that a beautiful light scene is visible in the evening. 


Wooden beams

These, of course, need to be treated against the weather before you can use them. After the beams are ready for use, you have several options depending on what beams you have. Round ones, for example, can be used perfectly as a separation between your flowers and the grass, so you get a rustic look in your garden. Would you take on a challenge? Then why not try to make a wooden bench or table from the beams which you can completely customize to your wishes?

Water pumps

You find these gems often in the gardens of old houses. Usually, they don’t work anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should remove them. With some imagination and green fingers, you can immediately transform this water pump into a beautiful, unique flower box. These pumps will undoubtedly give your garden an added value.


Big metal or zinc bowls

Although their function as a bath are gone, they’re stillhandy today. Use the bowl on a hot summer day to refresh yourself or your pet. For children, these tubs are ideal for playing in, why not turn them into a fish stall like at the carnival? You can also use it as a giant flower pot. This will make sure that you have enough space for all your favorite flowers.

Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.- Rudyard Kipling

Wooden beer barrels

Even though we’d rather have the barrels full, the empty ones certainly aren’t worthless. If you treat them against the weather or place them under a shelter, the beer barrels are ideal as a table. This way, you imagine yourself every day in a cowboy Saloon without leaving the house. 



With this, you have endless options if you’re a bit handy. If you have dreamed of having a large lounge set in your garden, this is the ideal option to use. They are also on sale in the shop, but you pay a lot more for them. Do you prefer a planter to make your vegetable garden or a large hammock to spend your free time in, nothing is impossible with these palettes. 

Wooden crates

Like all the other wooden things in this article, we now know what we have to do first to be able to use them. Hang the crates on the wall to create a nice effect and fill them with your favorite flowers or plants. Would you rather brighten up your garden a bit? Then first paint them in a cheerful color that will put a smile on your face every day. 


We hope we gave you some inspiration and courage to transform your garden into a paradise. Don’t forget to let us know if you’ve found some inspiration in our article or if you have another nice tip to brighten up your garden. 

This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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