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The geography lessons covered subjects such as the environment, ecology and sustainability. Although we almost all succeeded in this subject, it sometimes turns out to be more difficult than we thought to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Don’t worry, as we’re never too old to learn, at Blogzine we collected the very best books that can help you achieve this lifestyle.

Green is the new black

1. Eco lifestyle aan de slag! 

What can you do yourself to live a sustainable life? Anne Drake tells you in her book. She has been trying for years to reduce her own ecological footprint, gives numerous workshops and lectures and thanks to this book you too can make changes in your life.

2. Het zero waste project 

Authors of the book, Nicky and Jessie Kroons decided to do an experiment: a month of zero waste. In the meantime, four years later, the experiment grew into a true lifestyle. In this book they reveal their twelve most important lessons in striving for an eco – lifestyle.

3. In zes weken naar zero waste 

At home – from kitchen to bathroom -, supermarket or at work, Kate Arnell shows how simple a sustainable life can be. The practical guide shows you how to produce less waste in six weeks, live sustainably using seven rules.

4. Homemade beauty 

Are you also the kind of person who tries to decipher the list of ingredients of the shampoo in the shower and then realizes that there really is some mess in such a van? Then this book is for you! Author Zoë went looking for natural ingredients that effectively add value to skin and hair. What’s more, this book also shows you the wonderful world of homemade cosmetics.

5. De verborgen impact 

Only when you have insight into the impact of our planet and know where the biggest problems are, according to author, Babette Porcelijn, can you live effectively according to a sustainable lifestyle. Discover and get her book by clicking here.

6. Bucket list boek: voor een groene wereld 

Join the challenge to save the world. The book promises you 150 things through small and bigger challenges that will help you develop a more sustainable lifestyle.

7. Verlangen naar minder 

Jelle Derckx takes you as a reader on a quest for a more conscious and sustainable life. This by means of a combination of personal story and tips. Minimize, buy more consciously and above all live more consciously. Discover the growth towards sustainability in this book.

8. Vaarwel spullen 

In this book Fumio Sasaki explores the philosophy behind a minimalist lifestyle. He gives tips on how to live a simpler, happier and more valuable life through a number of simple rules. According to Fumio Sasaki, you not only enrich a living space and a world of thoughts, but also your life. Are you already getting curious?

9. Handboek ecologisch tuinieren 

More and more people provide a place for a vegetable garden in their garden. Go all the way thanks to this handy book with a wealth of information per vegetable variety. Immerse yourself in the science of lettuce, because after reading this book you will soon discover that a lettuce is not just any lettuce.

10. Het duurzame gezin 

How do I communicate with my family about the climate? How do you avoid plastic as a family? What’s in the pantry? Many questions are answered by means of this book. Read the mission of Sustainable Family.

Which book is your favorite? Or is there a book still missing from our list? Then definitely let us know in the comments.

This post has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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