Column: What if women among themselves, supported each other more?


What a great month March was! We received inspiring stories from entrepreneurs and also met many new motivated women. Despite all this positivity, Cindy also noticed a lot of resistance, (unconscious) rivalry and a lot of envy. So it is high time to change this, to be more supportive and stand up for each other among women. And this is how!

Be the woman

you would look up to!

The first question we should mainly ask is, “Why is there so much negativity?”, and of course the answer is partly obvious. The pandemic has not helped support entrepreneurs, others have already suffered some setbacks or lost confidence in fellow entrepreneurs, and all of these together do not make for the best atmosphere. Never mind that on top of that comes another electricity and gas crisis. It never stops. But are you aware that how you handle these situations has a lot to do with your mental attitude?

It is important to know that you are not alone. That there are others who have gone through the same situations. And how they come out of it is how they chose to respond to those particular situations. Did they handle it positively? Then there was most likely a good outcome. Did they leave it with a negative feeling? Then there was most likely a tremendous amount of pressure on their shoulders. So yes, you choose how you react to certain things. And after years in business, I like to discuss in detail three situations in which you too choose how to handle it.

No one is your competitor

This one is the most important rule in business, or life: no one is your competitor, neither better than you nor worse. Why? Because no one has the same future plans, vision and the same target group or ideal customer. Believe me: this chance is super small.

So you want to be happy in business, grow and make good connections? Then you have to learn to let go of seeing everyone as a possible competitor. Instead, you can just learn from each other, get inspired and grow.

Does anyone ask for advice, help or to have some fun working together? Then always analyze this from a neutral point of view. And of course you will always have some who “try” to imitate something. But realize that they don’t have your vision. And therefore neither does your originality. Again here: a win for you.

Be open to networking

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is meeting new people who motivate and inspire you. And that’s exactly what networking is for. At the Blogzine Academy, networking is number one: precisely because it allows you to help each other.

And even more important: make time for this. Yes, we are all busy. We all have households, hobbies and different interests that keep us busy. But just as before you make time for your accounting, you must also make time for networking if you want to grow.

Just imagine you end up at a Networking event, where just 5 people need your services? And you said beforehand: I don’t have time for this. Are you also going to respond to potential clients’ emails with “I don’t have time for this?”. No, exactly. When a potential client emails you, you’re on the edge of your seat. Why don’t you do the same thing to get to know new people? They too know others who may just be looking for you.

And remember: the most important thing is to stay on top of mind! So get cozy with other entrepreneurs, go on a coffee or lunch date, and get to know each other. Instead of avoiding each other….

Avoid social media groups that give you pressure

They are popping up like mushrooms: the so-called entrepreneurial groups to support each other. But in reality, they bring (again, often unconsciously) enormous pressure on you as an entrepreneur. People share what they like, what bothers them, what they are looking for, frustrations,… all mixed together. That’s an enormous amount of stimuli! And often you don’t even know these people either.

Does this contradict what I said about networking? No. The difference with networking is that you choose who you engage with, you choose to surround yourself with like-minded people, to listen to others for a while. Social media groups constantly give you stimuli, unsolicited opinions and put pressure on your shoulder.

Therefore, choose a group that completely fits your mindset, where others have the same values and standards as you. And don’t be afraid to say: this is not what I need. Or this doesn’t give me energy. Instead of a huge group, create a small group. For example, five ladies that you like, and meet regularly. Sometimes to work together, or to blow off steam and have lunch.

Entrepreneurs in the Blogzine Academy also regularly go out together. To go for a walk, catch up, ask each other for inspiration or tips. And rivalry? It is non-existent with us. We are a family that fully supports each other: and that is also what you need!

Extra personal tip: apply the “Five-minute Rule”

I like to end this article with a personal rule that I use daily to filter and let negativity pass me by as much as possible. And that is the “five-minute rule.”

Do you feel that a certain situation or person is taking over? Then ask yourself one very important question: “Will this situation still play a role in my life in 5 years?” or “Do I see this personal being a part of my life in 5 years?”.

If the answer is no, don’t waste more than five minutes worrying about it. Because most likely, within 5 days, you won’t be thinking about it either. If the answer is yes, look for a solution so that in 5 years you can look back on it and think, “I’m so proud of myself for finding a solution right away and look where I am thanks to that decision, today.”

This mindset and rule is going to make you look at life completely differently and learn to let go. So that you don’t waste unnecessary energy. And therefore can react more positively to situations, or deal with others.

So always keep a positive mindset, no matter what email, situation or communication you respond to. The more positivity you radiate, help people, and surround yourself with the same energy, the more you will grow. We look forward to discovering your entrepreneurial story as well, and remember: we are immensely proud of you!

This article has been written by Cindy Van Dyck

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  1. So true, ik volg helemaal. We moeten idd stoppen met elkaar als concurrent te beschouwen. We zijn veel beter af met samen te werken of nog een stap verder, verbindend ondernemen.

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