Column: This summer gives me a very special feeling

Normally when the days get longer and the scent of the flowers gets stronger, you know that the summer begins. I’m usually very happy about it, but this year these changes passed me by. It was mainly because of the Corona and the stress it caused. There was also an atmosphere at school that we are not used to and of course that includes the fact that I haven’t been able to see my friends very often. It didn’t make me feel so happy as the summer is normally known for having fun and experiencing unforgettable moments.

Keeping a positive thinking during these periods is therefore very important. Even if we can’t make memories far from home or be with friends so often. Because you can always make the best of it in your own way.

Traveling with Summerbash

As an ambassador of Summerbash we had planned some really nice trips. Malta and Lorett del Mar were planned and I couldn’t wait to go. My plan was to create unforgettable moments with all my girlfriends who would join us and we would surely experience the best summer of our lives!

But then the Corona cases came up very quickly. Everybody’s vacation was going to fall apart and that happened to us too. One by one my girlfriends cancelled their trips. And even though I understand the situation, that safety and health is priority, I still found it very unfortunate that our travels could not continue.

However, this did lead to a very unique solution: spending our holidays in our own country! #Staycation became the trendiest word for this summer and at the same time I discovered places in Belgium that I didn’t know they existed.

The Belgian coast

As a top-favorite place I must mention the Belgian coast. Together with my family we rented an apartment on the seafront and I enjoyed a nice week here. The weather was nice, we also took our dog with us and had a nice #staycation moment.

For me personally there is nothing like getting up, opening the curtains and seeing the sea. Gradually you see the world waking up: a walker with dog passes by, a young dad is walking toward the bakery for coffee cakes and there’s a jogger who does his morning workout. It gives you rest and makes you enjoy the little things in life.

And the activities which you can do at the sea are very extensive. We went swimming, sunbathing, shopping, walking in the dunes and enjoying delicious freshly made seafood. It was quite an active holiday but at the same time very relaxing.

Spending the summer at home

Once back home I met up with some friends and we were allowed to enlarge our bubble again. This ensured that we could enjoy a summer BBQ. Luckily I was also able to go on a dance internship again. However I quickly noticed that my condition had deteriorated a bit. But as soon as we can practice and train again, it will be back to normal very soon.

The city of Antwerp went into lockdown

Our larger bubble and travelling in our own country soon had consequences. At the beginning of August our government screwed back a lot of the freedom, especially for the city of Antwerp. We had to live in a smaller bubble again and were obliged to wear a mask on the streets. What scared me the most was the curfew that was introduced. Because if I have to be honest, this decision gave me a really uncomfortable feeling. Is that how they want to control us? And despite the fact that several major cities have followed these measures, it seems as if the population is lost.

I don’t understand the different measurements very well anymore as they’re constantly changing. And I also see people around me getting confused. Some of them are sitting in the car alone and wearing a mouth mask. Or when you go for a walk in nature you have to wear a mouth mask as well. Isn’t this weird? Aren’t we exaggerating with some measures?

Fortunately, there are still times when we can escape these circumstances. Or at least for a while. And then it’s just a question of how everything is going to evolve when they reopen the schools. Maybe everything will go smoothly or maybe we will get lessons from home again after a few months… I guess only time will tell!

This article has been written by @MARGAUX DECKERS

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