Column: The news I didn’t expect

That the life of a model isn’t always easy, was already clear when I wrote my latest articles. And sometimes, getting through a though time also means that you can get bad news on the most unexpected moments. This moment was last week and today I’m sharing with you my story about it.

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Two years ago I was so happy to finally find an agency in The Netherlands that embraced me for the person I am. I got quite unmotivated by always hearing the same “Can you please loose some weight” – kind of story. We started at the agency with a casting, did our first photo and video shoot and we had a lovely day getting to know each other.

Within a year this led me to having several castings and a special booking. I couldn’t be more happy as my modelling career finally started to grow. And not unimportant, they always guided their pupils very well. So I was very thankful to be a part of this journey.

Until last week I was always going to the jobs with a lot of pleasure. We created some awesome work together and I was definitely looking forward to what the future would bring me. However, all of that changed very quickly…

The agency is located in The Netherlands and even if a lot of models go international, it wasn’t always easy to be the only Belgian model. At the same time being the youngest wasn’t easy neither. But you grow in the process as a person and as a model. So did I.

I did everything to prove them that my age doesn’t matter and that I can deliver the work they expect from me. Also when sometimes it’s a little out of my niche or comfort zone as it’s the only way to explore new things!

End of contract

Last week was the moment when it all switched. We actually had some questions and when contacting the agency, the founder said: “Maybe it’s a good idea to do a videochat.” . So we did. It was planned on Wednesday in the early morning. While I was still waking up (the messy hair included), I heard my mom speaking on the phone with the agency. I joined her and that’s when they told us that they wanted to end the contract.

Totally unexpected and a surprise for the both of us. Alright, we didn’t see this one coming and we definitely were left without any words. Kind of a radio silence…

The reasons for them ending the contract were even more surprising! The main issues were the fact that I am too young, I live too far and I am not “bubbly” enough.

To be honest, I was quite sad and disappointed at the beginning. Because I believe that after two years of working together using the excuse of living too far or being too young, isn’t quite correct. I was already young when I signed the contract two years ago. Also I was living in Belgium at that time as well. That I’m not an extravert person like some other models is correct, but that will never reflect on the work I deliver and the results. So it kind of felt like I did something wrong. Or that I simply wasn’t good enough for them.

Stay positive

Right after that phone call my mom and I had a very good talk and even I reflected back on the conversation in my bed. We figured out that everything happens for a reason and that I need to think positive and look forward to what the future will bring me. It’s not because one door closes, that two other can’t open. If something is meant to be it will always come on the right time.

And talking about the right time: I was contacted this week by an amazing clothing brand to be their model for an upcoming campaign. Isn’t that good news on the most unexpected moment? Always be positive loves!

This article has been written by @MARGAUX.DECKERS

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