Column: The importance of body positivity

As teenagers, we all sometimes feel insecure and not appreciated. You get comments from others, verbally or non-verbally, via social networks and that has a big influence on your self-image. But why do we always strive for that perfection? Why do we always criticise someone else? I encounter criticism several times and it has had a huge impact on me as well.

The feedback from a models agency

When I first started in a models agency I immediately got the comment that I should lose weight and eat more healthy. When you hear this as a young adult, a lot goes into you. You start to doubt yourself, you find yourself ugly and not accepted. But this is so wrong! In the beginning I have also been struggling with myself. I doubted everything and constantly compared myself to others. I didn’t feel happy anymore and had a negative self-image. That’s why I pulled myself down as well.

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The impact of Social Media

Social media are influencing my self-image very hard. I was confronted with perfection. But what is the definition perfection? Especially Instagram has a big image of perfection in relation to the bodies of young teenage girls. The skinny body is fiercely stimulated because pictures of skinny girls are used everywhere. For example for campaigns the influencers are often skinny,… I hope this will change more often as it will help others to feel more confident.

I have become positive in life over the years and I have accepted that I’m perfect the way I am. Of course I can’t be more skinny. But because I dance every day and I have a sports body, it is more than normal to have a different body structure. That’s why I want to tell my story and be an example for girls who share the same thoughts and maybe struggles to feel confident.

Remember that we are all perfect in our own way. And that is more than enough! That is why we have to support each other and change the image of perfection on Social Media and in the fashion world, together.

This article has been written by @Margaux Deckers

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