Column: The first day of a new school year

Time has never gone so fast. Today it is already the 1st of September and that means that it is time to prepare myself for the new school year! I am now starting my fifth year of high school and I am really looking forward to what the will bring me. But will it change a lot? Will I still be able to learn after that extended vacation? Such questions are wandering around in my head and I hope to find the answers soon.

It is already clear that a lot will change. At school the playgrounds are divided per grade. And now that I am older I am going to a new playground. I am officially one of the ‘oldest’ of the school. But next to a new playground more things will change: the teachers, the classes, the lunchtime breaks,…. We will have a big responsibility on us, but I will succeed!

Learning to learn again

Before the Lockdown and the long vacation we had a lot of tasks for school and a few exams. Before that I had to learn and know a lot. Now that we lived in a vacation mood for a long time, I don’t know if I will be able to do it anymore. The process of learning and remembering are two skill which the teachers will have to teach us again. However I don’t think that I am the only one. Even if it is going to be hard work and I hold my breath for that.

The importance of social interaction

I am looking forward to go back to school. It is especially the social part that I missed during the long vacation. I haven’t been able to see my friends and classmates for a long time. But even if we did quickly during the holidays, we weren’t allowed to hug or to say “Hi!” to each other. That was quite frustrating. So hopefully our class didn’t change too much as I liked my classmates a lot. But it is a different story about the teachers. They often did not like me and if I have to be honest, that feeling was mutual. But in the end we did create a bond and I learned a lot from them. This turbulent period was fortunately only temporary because in the fifth year we will get different teachers again. I am so curious!

Anyway, it will all be fine, but still it is exciting and deep inside I have a slight feeling of stress, healthy stress. Change is good but also scary. We don’t have to think about it too often and sometimes just go…

This article has been written by @MARGAUX DECKERS

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