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At Blogzine we aren’t only talking about beauty and fashion, we also give a special place to “Family & Kids” related posts. Within the personal story telling and focus we give on this platform, we’ve asked Stephanie from Smotherhoods to tell us a little bit more about her life as a mom. In this article she tells us about the first car ride.

After three days in hospital, I’d had it. I wanted to go home. My hospital experiences were not really successful and I wanted nothing more than to be at home. Because that’s where I could focus on my newborn, in peace and quiet, without prying eyes or condescending looks from the midwives. So yes, I couldn’t wait to pack up and leave the hospital with our newborn daughter.

As two proud parents, me and my husband floated out of the hospital corridors, towards the parking lot. I couldn’t wait to get used to my new role as a mother in my own safe habitat. It was only when we were outside by the car that I realized that I hadn’t thought this through properly. The uncertainty and worries overwhelmed me in one minuscule second. The cause? The first car ride.

I’d never thought about how a car ride could turn into a wild jungle, now that there was a newborn in the back seat.

A lot of emotions

I had never thought about it and never expected that something as simple as this could be as difficult as a new parent. But judging by my husband’s reaction, my attitude was not abnormal. He was just as helpless as I was. But believe us when we assure you that that first car ride with your baby is an incredible, hellish experience.

It was expected that my baby who had been close to me for nine months – literally and figuratively – would now sit alone in the back seat. My little baby disappeared into that far too big maxi cosi. Isn’t she too hot or too cold? Does she need an extra blanket? Is she still breathing?! Is the maxi cosi tight enough?! Okay, everything checked ten times, we’re good to go.

Quietly we close the car doors. The radio stays off. We have to focus on the runway and the traffic. We rule out all possible distractions and unfortunately that includes the radio. Slowly we drive down the parking lot. From the moment we drive onto the public road it feels like we are on a war zone.

Around us a world full of dangers of oncoming traffic, cyclists who don’t understand the usefulness of a bicycle path and people crossing wherever they want. Don’t they realise that a fragile baby is riding in our back seat?! The only thing I think is that after this car ride I will never leave the house, I will never do this to my daughter, never – jamais. Way too dangerous!

Longest drive ever

Although the ride home only takes fifteen minutes – believe me, we have timed the distance enough for the delivery to arrive, just to be sure… I demand to park my husband on the side after four minutes. Anyway, let’s check if everything’s okay back there. Is she still breathing? Isn’t she too hot? Is she happy? Oh, she’s asleep… We can drive on.

As we drive into our street I see our front door: Amen We made it, survived! My husband drops us off at the front door and while he is parking I can only do one thing. I hurry inside and promise never to do anything so dangerous again. But even now, she’s still sleeping. Fortunately, she hasn’t noticed any danger around her for the past fifteen minutes.

That first car ride, I’ll never forget them. She’s engraved in my memory. The fear, the uncertainties… Today I can only laugh at it. Because today I’m driving around with my daughter like I’ve never done anything else. And that radio? It’s on, full-length. 

This article has been written by Stephanie from @SMOTHERHOODS

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