Column: My letter for Mother’s Day

On Sunday the 10th of May we celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a day where you give extra attention to your lovely mom. A day which is very special, that it’s all about her and which also means that we can spoil her a little more. Today I’m sharing with you my message for Mother’s Day.

Mom turned upside down spells “WOW”!

Give her love every day

How I celebrate and experience Mother’s Day, isn’t very differently from other days. Even thought it’s a chosen day to celebrate it and give our moms our presents, it’s a day just like another. Actually we should celebrate the love for our mothers on a daily base. Each day they deserve our love and each day should be special. And of course I also give my mom a personal card, a picture of a memory and moment we spent together. But I give her my love every single day.

It’s not only about a hug

As kids we don’t only need to show our love by a hug, being helpful is very important as well. And the importance of it is often forgotten. Moms adore the physical love we give them but they appreciate help in the household as much as a hug. My mom and I for example, we give hugs all day. But I do often forget how hard she is working. Therefor I offer my help so she has less work to do at home.

Seeing the sparkles in her eyes when I cleaned the house, worked in the garden or cooked dinner, is priceless. It’s a feeling that is as powerful as giving and receiving hugs.

Making our moms happy is what it’s all about. Not only on Mother’s Day, but every day. Happiness can be found in the smallest things and we need to remember that. Give your mom a lot of love and take care of her, because you only have one mother. And she loves you a lot as well.

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