Column: My favorite workouts during the lockdown

Before the lockdown started I’ve always been a very sportive girl. And as a model and dancer, my free time often went to working out. Next to the exercises and several dance classes, going to school by bike was a part of my sportive schedule as well. Now that all of this has changed, I needed to find another way to stay in shape during the lockdown. This to prevent to loose my condition and to gain weight. Something I clearly can’t afford as a professional model.

Sport is a preserver of health

One of the first pages I started to follow was the Instagram page of my school where teachers are motivating all students to stay active. I told you about it in last week’s column and I still find it such a great way to stay in contact with my friends at school while working out together. However I’ve found other ways to stay active and to keep the social distance as required.

Sport lessons from a distance

As some of you know, my mom is a veterinarian and she is still working. Last week she saw one of her pet owners back, a power lady with a fitness and health centre, @gymtonicreet. They know each other for a while and started talking about their work. How Corona affected their work schedule and business.

However, instead of closing her gym down, she rearranged her business plan. The personal trainers, includes herself, decided to start with lessons from a distance. In this way everyone can still work out from home and avoid contact with other people. A double win situation for everyone and especially for me as I need to work out on a daily base.

My mom informed herself on the classes and a one month subscription is €24,95. With my subscription I can take five lessons a week, which is a total of approximately 35 lessons a month.

My first online class

I subscribed to the program and started my first class on Monday. The day before I got an email with a link which could be activated 30minutes before the class started. And I can tell you, it was fun! However, make sure to turn off your micro. Otherwise you will hear everybody working out at home. You can actually compare it to the APP “Houseparty”, where everyone is connected all together and seeing what others are doing in the same chat group.

At 11 o’clock we started and as you don’t need to go outside for these workout, you can do them anywhere you would like to. From your bedroom, to the living room and even your garden. Right after the session you log out, go straight to the bathroom and get refreshed. There’s actually no time lost between going back and forward from the gym. Therefor I believe that these kind of online classes will be a great hit for those who work late. Also after the lockdown. Simply because if you don’t have the possibility to go to the gym, you take an online class at home!

Every class takes about one hour and you can choose between different work outs. Pilates, Yoga, Zumba,… It’s all possible!

My dog became my best friend

Besides my classes with @gymtonicreet, I also try to spend enough time outside. Getting fresh air is very important! Therefor I go for a run with my dog about 3-4 times a week. It’s not as intense as my dance classes, but it’s better than staying inside and being inactive. And my dog loves it!

But I have to be honest and tell you that it’s quite hard to not stay lazy. We have no obligations and if I didn’t do any of the online classes, no one would be there to control my workouts. Luckily the good weather motivates me to go outside more often. I love Spring and the sun gives me a lot of energy!

It’s also clear that if you want to achieve something in life, you need to work hard for it. Not only during times of a lockdown, but also during your normal daily life. Pay attention to everything that’s worth your time and keep spending your energy on it for the better. You might have less work now, so do I, but once this is all over you need to be ready to be back. And you will be back, better than ever!

Keep up the spirit, stay motivated, go out, do some exercises and stay healthy!

Love, Margaux

This article has been written in collaboration with @MARGAUXDECKERS

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