Column: I love to shop consciously

As Corona took over the whole world, more and more shops and brands are having difficult times. This because the start of the summer collection has been missed due to the lockdown and people couldn’t travel anymore. It caused a high stock of the collection and now that the stores are open again, it’s almost sales time.

But that unfortunately not the only problem. Due to the closure of all the stores, people went looking for an alternative to still score their trendy seasonal items or unmissable basics. And this led them to online shopping. A great way to shop your summer must haves during the lockdown, but in fact it causes a huge financial setback for the stores who don’t have the possibility to sell online.

Buy less.
Choose well.
Make it last.

My shopping behavior has changed

Because of my modeling it’s not uncommon that I like to try on different outfits, discover styles and like to go shopping. And if I may believe my mom, I’m good at combining trendy items in my own unique way. A nice compliment, but that also makes me aware of the clothes I wear and the brands I support.

Because I know that many brands and stores are struggling this year due to the health crisis, I help and support them where possible. Also in my modeling work. Not only do I work on new material for my portfolio, I also use and wear clothes with an important message or items sold by (local) retailers. And this is one of the things I love to do: working with (new) brands that consciously use their materials.

A few weeks ago I also got the chance to work with a great photographer, Boy Surminski, from the Netherlands. During our photoshoot we also chose to use outfits which I had received in cooperation with Weekday. My favorite item that day was the beautiful artificial leather shorts. How did I combine them? You can see that in the result on the photo below.

Margaux is wearing her new Weekday faux leather shorts

The impact on my collaborations

Of course, the last few months have opened my eyes. Because of the many companies that closed, I suddenly realized how important it is to buy locally and consciously. And let this just be a positive note to the whole situation. Because since the lockdown, I have a completely different view on fashion and from now on I shop in a completely different way.

Also as an influencer I work more consciously. Brands with an impact on the environment, that focus on sustainability and recycling, get my support. For example, I recently worked with Lanasia, a brand that creates clothing from ocean waste. The popular brand NA-KD ships in a pollution-free way and Weekday, for example, still refuses to sell clothes made of real leather. And that’s an important message I have to share and make people aware of. Buy less, choose well and make it last.

When I put together my outfits now, I try to be inventive with the clothes already hanging in my closet. In this way I create different outfits with the same basics and trendy items and I avoid constantly needing new clothes. Even a small accessory or statement jewelry piece can change your outfit completely. And your shoes do a lot too! You can instantly change from a classic to a sporty outfit.

Every little bit helps to make the world a better place. But of course we must not forget our local businesses! Do you support them too?

This column has been written by @MARGAUX DECKERS

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