Column: How I lost my day to cake pops


Last week a farewell party took place at the daycare. After two years, my daughter and I are closing the door behind us. We say goodbye to the moments we’ve had here. No longer catching up with a cup of coffee in the morning, no longer the safe habitat for our daughter. As of tomorrow, her period at daycare is over. Tomorrow evening a lot of children will gather in the cosy living room and I will have my last chat. And since this farewell is – in my eyes – one big milestone, I think I should put some effort into it. One small side note: I have a terrible characteristic: procrastination. 

“I was enchanted by all the creations on Pinterest. How hard could it be?’

Today I was going to put myself on it. I would transform my kitchen into a true baking paradise. The oven was preheating, the recipes were ready. I would play it safe: rice pudding and cake. It didn’t have to be measurable. When I wanted to start my cake, I went to Pinterest for some inspiration. Against my better judgment I was immediately fascinated by ‘cakepops’. The technique looked simple, baking a cake I could still do that.

I put all the ingredients ready and threw everything in the kitchen robot. While reading the next step I realised I was in trouble: I didn’t have any eggs! Stay calm, get in the car and look for a box of eggs. In the local shop I bought some chocolate for the later toppings. My courage was back and enthusiastically I continued my baking adventure. While tasting my cake, I already approved of the taste of the dough. Now I had to wait another hour for the cake in the oven, but the smell in the kitchen promised something good. 

I took pictures of every step of the way with my canon. Who knows, I could make a blog around it to convince other moms how simple it could be? My first recipe on my blog, how cool would it be?! I already saw it appear on my main page. Me, a baking dish, homemade. None would believe it, but my homemade pictures would prove otherwise. 

Something’s wrong

While I was watching my creation like a watchdog, I soon noticed that my oven was baking faster than the preset baking time. He looked quite dark brown, didn’t he? What would I do? Take him out and risk him collapsing instantaneously?! Letting him in wouldn’t do me much better to see the color… So I took the risk and while the cake cooled down, without collapsing, I quickly went to pick up my daughter from daycare. With a slight emotional sting of pain, that this would be the last time tomorrow. Back home I started to crush the cake as described. 

I was so proud. Proud that I could give my daughter the ideal treat. I asked her dozens of times if she liked it, but unfortunately there is not much feedback from a two year old. So I continued enthusiastically.

The excess crumbs had to be turned into three centimeter balls. Concentrated I finished each ball. I went back into the fridge for a while and started fantasizing about toppings with which I would decorate the cakepops. Caramel, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, I had it all. And I was so looking forward to finishing my creations. 

But when I could actually get started, the balls fell open one by one. How could they not be hard enough? Since I’m not a quitter, I tried them in the freezer. But after one hour of waiting my cake pops were still hopeless. My baking adventure started at one o’clock that afternoon and at nine o’clock in the evening I still had decent cupcakes. I could cry. 

It’s not about the fact that I don’t seem to be able to make simple cake pops, I am especially disappointed in myself as a mother. A whole afternoon I had worked myself into a sweat to let my daughter hand out the ideal treat tomorrow and what did I have now? A failure. What would I tell my daughter when she wakes up tomorrow? “Mom failed in that one thing she was going to do.” That mommy had let her go again while scrolling Pinterest?! That I wasn’t even able to make ridiculous balls of cake for her and the kids?! 

Not a Pinterest mom

I felt like a failure. That I wasn’t a baking princess, I was aware of that. But the fact that I couldn’t give my daughter the farewell party hurt me. Until my husband woke me up and told me that her party wouldn’t depend on the treat. It’s about her last moments, along with the one she grew up with the last two years.

So soon I realised a few things; I will never be a Pinterest mom. Those fancy things aren’t mine. Secondly, I’ve had a very unsuccessful afternoon, which will have no effect at all on the wonderful goodbye she’s going to say tomorrow. And finally, there’s still such a thing as the baker or desserts made by professionals. Next party I’ll make sure I don’t waste hours of time but just go straight to the store. 

So before I clean up my kitchen, which by the way exploded throughout my baking adventure, I put myself back in the sofa. Enjoying a glass of wine. Aware of the fact that I never would be a Pinterest mother, but the best in my daughter’s eyes. And I’m never gonna start those damn cake pops again.

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