Column: From now on you are no longer alone


It has been clear to me for some years now that a lot is happening behind closed doors. Very often people living a true hell within the ‘comfort’ of their own home. And even more often no one dares to come clear about it. Scared of not being believed, of being laughed at or just afraid that things would get worse.

I am in my thirties now and apart from my coming out, I have never really been afraid of people and their reactions. I knew quite early on that I was in love with men. So I’m with the lucky few, with the small percentage of gay men who have been able to claim their sexual orientation without too many obstacles. 

But there are a lot of people who are unable to do so. A lot of men, women, transgenders or non-genders have trouble making that decision and are tangled up with themselves. Sometimes so deep that they end up on a very dark path. And sometimes so dark that they think that there is no way out and that life has no meaning. Mentally, the search for who you are is very exhausting and if you can’t count on support, that weight is unbearable. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that our mental health is the most precious and most important thing we have. But mental health, the word says it all: mental and healthy. 

And it’s not healthy if you have to be afraid every day that someone will discover your secret. Or someone doesn’t agree with your choices. And it’s certainly not healthy if you’re alone with those feelings and can’t share them with anyone.

I am here here for you

I’ve decided to be there for you in 2021: a listening ear, a friend you can talk to about anything you want. But also a direct line to help. Through a column I will try to answer as many questions as possible and look for solutions together with you. Whether you are man, woman or in between. Whether you are in transition or have just completed your transition. Whether you already know who you are or just stuck with that. But even if you are straight and you just need someone to help you along your path of self empowering and self love; it doesn’t matter.

To be able to do this I need you. Because if I am going to cite themes or issues and want to look for answers and solutions, then I also need to know what to do. What’s on your mind? What (negative or positive) feelings do you have? Which thoughts flow through your head and do not get ordered. 

But it doesn’t all have to be negative, maybe you already know who you are or want to be and you just have some practical questions. Ask away!

My instagram @angeloveroofficial is open for you. Feel free to drop by and start a conversation. I will be very happy to listen to your story; or if you just want a chat, you’re welcome too!

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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