Column: As an influencer I keep on moving people

We’ve just finished the fifth week in quarantine and I have to admit that it’s hard. I start to miss my previous life, my friends and school. Even though I should consider myself being lucky for being healthy, it’s still a big change for all of us.

At home I try to stay busy as much as I can. I enjoy the sun in our garden, worked on tasks I never had the time for and with my online workout classes I make sure to stay in shape. However I would love to go to the city, go for a shopping spree as I was used to and enjoy an ice cream in the park. You know the feeling right?

Summer will come and so will happiness! Hold on to it and life will get warmer soon

Being at home made me realize that there should be a way to continue to spread happiness around the world. There was more than just staying inside and taking care of each other. That’s why I found it the perfect moment to work on my Social Media channels and to focus on the messages I send out to the world.

Delivering a special message

Last Friday I was laying in my bed while chilling and listening to the bird songs. I honestly started to daydream about the Summer when I suddenly got a notification from my Social Media with a message for a collaboration., a Belgian influencers agency, contacted me and proposed a collaboration. Antwerp, our vibrant fashion and art city, was l looking for young people and influencers living in the area. By reaching out to them on Social Media, they could spread a very important message. Why through Social Media? Because the younger generation doesn’t often listen to the radio or aren’t reading newspapers that much.

Instead of making daily TikTok’s and Instagram posts, I could now contribute to a special initiative to spread informations about the COVID-19 pandemic. And I didn’t hesitate one second to join the campaign. It’s my way to help and another inspirational way to motivate my community and followers to stay strong during these difficult times.

The local newspaper

By that being said, I made two Instagram stories and talked with my followers. However I could never imagine that it would move so many people.

To days after posting it on my Instagram, I got a call from a reporter who works at two newspapers in Antwerp. The “Gazet Van Antwerpen” and “Nieuwsblad”. I’m sure you’ve heard or even read these newspapers before. They have a way larger community than I have and when they asked to do an interview I felt honored! Once again I could reach out with my message to hold on during these days.

It was a great opportunity as a Belgian micro-influencer as all my photoshoots and commercials are currently cancelled. By working as an influencer I can now help brands to spread their messages and amazing collections. It’s also a way to stimulate our local economy when I promote local brands and webshops. And that’s so important nowadays: helping each other through the difficult times.

And even if I loved this experience so much, it was even more funny to receive these messages from my friends. They were wondering if it was truly me in the newspaper. And yes, it’s was me! Their support and messages truly made my day.

I hope that you’re all doing well, that you’re safe and healthy. And don’t forget to stay positive. Once this is over amazing things will be around the corner waiting for all of us! Love, Margaux.

This article has been written by @MARGAUX DECKERS

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