Column: 2021 will be my year thanks to these resolutions


Most of us leave 2020 behind with a loaded and negative feeling. It’s been a year in which we’ve had to motivate ourselves enormously to move on and persevere. But that chapter is closed and a fresh start can be made. With these four resolutions I’m going to get started. And the first one is suddenly also the reason why I write this down.

You don’t grow when you’re comfortable

1. I will blog more often

In 2009 I wrote my very first blog and totally ignorant of what kind of world I would end up in, I started sharing outfits or experiences on a daily basis. Eleven years later we are here at a company that was launched during the lockdown (March 2020). The months after that it grew so fast that I lost sight of my own column and blog.

After a well-deserved Christmas break it started to tickle again and there’s a whole list of topics and ideas I want to write about: self love, work experiences, business talks and so on! Are you ready for it?

2. Working on my workout routine

One of my most negative aspects is procrastination. Once I lose a routine, like now with the fitness that is closed, I can be distracted very quickly. And then again, without the fitness and a tight KETO eating plan, I quickly gain weight again.

Lockdown kilos are nothing for me and certainly not because I normally go to the gym every other day. If possible daily. So the closure came in hard, also in my daily planning. That’s why I decided to buy a treadmill a month ago. And with the start of the new year, from now on I’m also going to work out every working day from 8 to 10. Just like when the gym was still open. Welcome back workout routine!

3. Supporting local stores and brands

For me, 2020 is known as the year in which everyone joined forces to support all local entrepreneurs, businesses and brands. Never before was there such a big call to support the Belgian market and I joined in.

Especially with Blogzine we joined in as we mainly focus on our own market: we help Belgian brands with their online visibility and identity. And let’s get on with it in 2021! Supporting and helping each other is not something that has to be temporary. So let’s take the past year as an example to always do this from now on!

4. I will love myself more

It’s not unknown to everyone that I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to my appearance for several years now. And especially since Instagram has been filled with perfectly trained bodies. I actually felt almost obliged to imitate a perfect body if I wanted to be successful. ERROR! Luckily I saw this in time and didn’t let myself get caught. Although I have to be honest that even if eating KETO helped me enormously on the right track, I still catch myself having negative thoughts.

Negative in the sense of: I still get up every day, look in the mirror and think “why did I have to eat that piece of chocolate? And I punish myself enormously by doing that. Another thought is my clothing style. If I could just wear what I really wanted every day so I would feel so free. But in Belgium everything is “too special” when it comes to fashion or trends. That’s why I made this decision: from now on I will wear what I want. And if others think it’s “too special”, they’re just too basic. How does that sound?

I’m myself, perfectly imperfect and that’s a good thing. From this year on I will do what makes me happy and give my body all the love it deserves! PERIODT…

Do you have good resolutions you want to stick to this year? Then share them with us in the comments. This way you can inspire others as well! And if you are someone who has trouble keeping up to them, then read Ellen her tips. She will tell you all about the five ultimate resolutions for 2021.

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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