Column: 2021 was my best year and this is why

Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

We are all officially leaving 2021 behind as of this weekend. And for many, a huge weight is falling off their shoulders as well. Because let’s face it: it wasn’t an easy year! But despite all the attempts to make us feel small, we managed to get back up and continue each time. That is why today I look back at all the positive moments of 2021.

I wanted to see what happens if I didn’t give up

Starting a support platform for Belgian Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest challenges of the past year has been to stay creative and be innovative. Every single month. Because when you are self-employed and want to secure an income, you can’t give up.

And we didn’t give up! In March 2020, I launched this online magazine,, and soon my best friend Angelo and I were inundated with questions about whether we could help Belgian entrepreneurs with their Marketing and Social Media. Or their online identity and visibility. We both have over a decade of experience in this field, but hiring someone full time to run this, of course, comes with a certain cost. A budget that many do not currently have available. The past months and years have not been the easiest and start-ups also need to be given the opportunity to stand their ground among all the big players.

That is why we launched the Blogzine Academy. An online support platform for Belgian entrepreneurs. They receive personalised help on a daily basis in the areas of Sales, Marketing, E-commerce, Public Relations, Webdesign, Social Media, Content Creation, Influencer Campaigns and Strategies. A whole list of services and all under one roof: the Blogzine Academy.

Because every strategy and coaching is personal, we work with a maximum of 50 entrepreneurs. The final countdown after 9 months? We have 35 members that we coach weekly and monthly to make their dreams come true! And we estimate to be full early this year as we launch new projects starting in 2022. It promises to be a success!

Dreaming away with a sea view

Once and the Blogzine Academy were up and running, we decided to take a vacation in the Dominican Republic. For two weeks we travelled around the island and discovered new hotspots. An unforgettable trip that made us decide to do things differently.

And drastically different. In fact, we noticed during these two weeks that working in the Dominican Republic gave us more freedom and productivity. Our lifestyle became healthier and we worked harder. How? Because of the time difference. Which means we worked every morning until our lunch break. Or in Belgian time: from 12h to 18h. Right during the busiest office hours. So every afternoon and evening we are completely free. This is perfect for answering emails, working on projects and taking time for me. Something we didn’t do enough of in Belgium.

After a rough start, including an attack and a difficult search for a permanent home, we have been staying on this beautiful island for about 6 months. We enjoy it every day. Especially when waking up! I always dream away when I look out my window and see the sea.

I learned to love myself again

For several years this had been an internal struggle: to like myself and be more confident. Last year I also shared it on Social Media, but my KETO lifestyle and going to exercise regularly has really helped me.

Because I have to be honest: publishing online and being active every day doesn’t always help you. Every day you are overwhelmed with perfection, unconsciously comparing yourself to others and being influenced. So I decided as a resolution for 2021 not to care anymore about what was expected or said. A decision that has succeeded 99% of the time!

Never before have I felt so relieved, stress-free and self-confident. Whenever negativity, in any form, comes to me at this time, I consciously decide not to spend time or energy on it. Which not only makes me happier, but also makes me realize that what is worth my energy also helps me move forward in life.

Finding sincere love

Who would have ever thought it, that I would tell you that I have found love. Sincere love, on an island 7000 kilometers away from home. And on the most unexpected moment of my life. Does this means that the quote “You find love when you expect it the least” is true? In my case it is.

Because a few weeks after the attack, we decided to go out. I put on my bold shoes and decided to get myself over all the drama of the past few weeks. In my flashy green outfit, I stepped into a bar in the colonial zone and showed off my best dance moves all night long. While laughing and enjoying the evening, I got to know him. Thinking I would never see him again, we were inseparable from the next day on.

And it all happened very quickly: my birthday came two weeks later, I received a visit from my parents and I left for Belgium later on. But from the first day we were very open and honest with each other. Of course, we’ve had our ups and downs, and we’ve cursed at miscommunications due to the language barrier, but it didn’t stop us as our connection is truly sincere and strong. So I can’t wait what 2022 will bring for the two of us!

What have I learned this past year? That no matter how many times I fall, I always come back stronger. That no matter how many tears I have to shed, I know it’s ok to feel down for a while. But I also learned that when I manifest my dreams, I can make them come true without a doubt! And that’s what I’m going to keep doing in 2022.

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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