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We all love going on vacation to enjoy some time off or explore the world. If we do this in a sustainable way it is a win-win for us and the planet. Today eco warrior Anne Drake is sharing her tips and tricks to make going on a vacation as sustainable as possible.

There are several ways to make your vacation as sustainable as possible. It starts with the trip itself. Traveling by car or train are the most sustainable ways to get around. But if you fly to your destination, you can make your trip climate neutral with Greentripper.

Don’t buy anything Made in China unless you are in China.

During your vacation you should minimize your impact on the environment and climate by not generating any disposable waste, eating as much local food as possible and also supporting the local population if you want to buy a souvenir.

Take as little plastic packaging as possible with you when traveling and go for as many solid versions as possible in your toiletry bag. These solid blocks of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion weigh less, can’t leak and deflate among your belongings.

Before packing Anne always make a list, because it gives her peace of mind. Today she would like to share her ultimate vacation list so you don’t forget to pack anything. Even if you’re not traveling and will be spending the summer at home, you need things that will protect you from the sun and heat, without doing harm to the environment.

I’m going on vacation and taking with me….

1. Products for the sun:

Solid SPF30 for on the go

Liquid SPF30

Aftersun BIO Aloë Vera gel

Refreshing and soothing ALOE VERA spray

2. Products for the body:

Shampoo bar and cotton soap bag

Mini shampoobar 30 gram in 6 varieties

Conditioner bar 

Solid bodylotion bar

Soap with soothing calendula or Upcircle soap

LUFFA sponge


Reusable toothtbrush and toothpaste powder

Vegan lip balm 

Reusable ear swabs

Repairing serum 

DIY Anti-Ageing beauty serum 

Face cleanser with Chamomille and Aloe Vera

Award winning night cream with hyaluron acid and niaciamid

Foot cream 100ml

Safety razor and refill razors 

Menstrual cup 

3. Practical products:

– Block of Marseille soap (for hand washing or making 25 liters of soap)

Natural home / travel pharmacy

Essential oils 

If you go to a festival, summer bar or picnic, bring your own cup and cutlery, it doesn’t take up much room and you don’t have to use disposable plastic. Also take your fruit and vegetable bags in your suitcase, useful if you go to a local market.

Still looking for fun vacation literature? With her books ‘‘Doe het zelf ! Ecologie op hoge hakken’ and Ecolifestyle. Aan de slag ! you will undoubtedly find a lot of inspiration to get started after the vacations with full energy for a healthy, low waste and budget friendly lifestyle.

Anne is happy to give you a summer discount of 10% on her books with the discount code “ANNEDRAKEZOMER”, valid until the 31th of August. We wish you a happy and satisfying vacation!

This article has been written is collaboration with Anne Drake

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