Check out the must haves to be a fit mom


Being a mom is quite an adventure. When everything seems to fall into its crease, the doubts about our self-image arise. Also the postnatal body is often a big issue for new moms. So whether you like running, yoga or if you have a fitness subscription, you will have to get these 3 items in the house.

1. Teamwork makes the dream work 

Exercise as a brand-new mommy, it’s not obvious. Often we think we don’t have time to get to sports activities. Or sometimes we just don’t want to get rid of our baby and go for sports. But what if I tell you that thanks to the toddler carrier, you have two the in one? A toddler carrier is the ideal way to take your child for a walk. Win – win!

Decathlon Toddler Carrier, €130

Credits: Decathlon

2. Relax in your room

2020 was not only the year of our good friend ‘corona’, but also the year in which we were forced to find an occupation in our house. On the internet you can find a lot of yoga and meditation sessions that you can do in your own living room. The monthly meditation class from Time2Reconnect for example! It’s ideal during one of your little one’s many naps. And if you’re still looking for the ideal yoga mat, then be sure to check out the ones from Captain Cork.

Captain Cork Yoga Mat, €189

Credits: Captain Cork

3. Dieting is not a punishment

Would you like to lose some pounds? Then you have to be honest with yourself; sports alone won’t get you there. A healthy lifestyle and nutrition only work to your advantage. As a mother myself I am a big fan of the books of Delphine Steelandt. She started with the “Fitmom” book in which you will not only find delicious and healthy recipes, but where you will also find fun sports exercises with children. The success of Delphine Steelandt is great, so get yourself the “Fit Mom” book!

Fit mom book, €21,99

Credits: Fit Mom book

Are you a mom and do you have some must haves as well? Share them with us in the comments and let’s inspire each other!

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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