Changing room anxiety: how to take care of it?


There’s a new phenomenon on the rise and it might be something you didn’t know it was a thing: changing room anxiety. Luckily there is also a really easy fix for it. Read along if you want to find out the solution.

The good old days

Are today’s kids too shy and insecure about their bodies? In short, no, yes and maybe all together. Kids and teenagers today grow up in a totally different world than 20 years ago. Back then, to go on the internet you had fight your siblings to get on the computer, pray for a somewhat decent internet connection and then you could scroll around the internet. Mobile internet on your cellphone still sounded like fantasy from a distant future. Let alone being able to take high quality pictures and posting them on a social media website instantly. In those days you could pull pranks on each other, get into some mischief without everybody seeing it on social media.

No-one cared about getting a lot of comments or the number of likes. You could live more in the moment without having to think about what other people might see and think about you. In that way, yes, kids back then were a lot less shy and insecure. Simply because they weren’t confronted with their own insecurities on a daily base. Nowadays it’s a whole other story. With the introduction of mobile internet and smartphones that take high quality pictures the insecurities rose with young people.


Changing rooms have become a constant source of stress for young athletes. They want to play their sport with passion, but often don’t want to change in the communal changing rooms. Is someone going to pull out a smartphone? Is he taking pictures or not? This creates an unhealthy situation and an unpleasant atmosphere in the changing room.  Fear of seeing themselves on social media and the comments that follow. So yes, maybe kids are to shy these days. But it’s not their fault. Everbody in their right mind would be shy if their was a constant stress to end up naked on the internet.

“If I was young now, would I still be that carefree in the changing rooms?

Probably not!”

Much needed privacy

If your teenager feels like this, and struggles with this anxiety you can get them a poncho. A poncho gives them a little privacy in the changing rooms so they don’t have to worry about unwanted pictures being taken and posted online. The cool and playful designs will give them more confidence and lighten up the mood in the changing room.


You can shop these amazing ponchos on the website of No more stress and anxiety for your kid, what do you think? 

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