Captain Cork: toys with an organic, natural and safe character

In an earlier article on Blogzine, we told you the successful story behind Captain Cork. Today we zoom in on their assortment of toys. And as we know the brand, they have a wide selection of ecological and sustainable toys. Therefor we’ve asked mom and blogger Stephanie to list up her favorite toys.

The product I throw in my shopping cart as soon as possible are the ‘Elou crayons’. They are shaped to fit my toddler’s tiny, cute little hands and ensure hours of fun for creativity and imagination. In addition, they stimulate both fine and gross motor skills making them a must for my daughter. Drawing Bumba on my terrace will never be as fun as with these Elou crayons.

Elou Crayons, €29.95 

Since my daughter is a big fan of puzzles, the 3D puzzles should not be forgotten. Captain Cork offers three types of animals with which you can puzzle to your heart’s content. The wise owl, the playful sheep or the crazy frog? All three animals are recognizable for children and provide the necessary challenge. Thanks to the 3D puzzle pieces you stimulate the spatial insight, the eye and hand coordination and the child comes into contact with different proportions.

3D Puzzle, €34.95 

Annabel is totally into fantasy games. The last theme she worked on at school was space. Thanks to the Galileo space rocket, Annabel feels like a real astronaut through the house. Because the rocket is made of ecological material, this toy remains durable. Happy child, happy mummy.

Galileo Space Rocket, €24.95 

Playing is learning. Each toy must be purchased with a view to the child’s development. Captain Cork has fully got it with ‘Mila the mushroom’. The goal is simple: put the dots in the mushroom while it balances. This fun action develops the ability to coordinate, spatial understanding and dealing with balancing. While mummy gets her singing skills up and sings ‘on a big mushroom’, you create the best situation in which you learn in a playful way.

Mila the Mushroom, €34.95

We are already in love with their range of ecological and sustainable cork toys. So don’t forget to check out their webshop for more ecological and sustainable cork accessories. And of course, don’t forget to check out their new bag collection!

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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