Captain Cork: the summer must haves for women

The summer has arrived and if you haven’t updated your closet yet, this is the perfect moment to add a timeless Captain Cork piece to it. To discover the must haves, Cindy took a look at their collection and is sharing today the pieces every woman needs!

Captain Cork, the 100% Belgian brand, is known for their ecological and sustainable designs. Next to durable toys for the kids and accessories for men, Captain Cork also has timeless handbags for women, made out of Portuguese cork. And as we’re getting ready for the summer, this is the perfect moment to look into the collection more precisely.

A beautiful handbag speaks louder than words

ANAÏS – The shoulder bag

Are you going out with the girls? Having a drink or planning a trip to the city? The Anaïs shoulder bag fits for any occasion. Thanks to it’s small, yet practical design, all your essentials will fit into it.

The design is a beautiful woven pattern and has been finished with fine side pockets and zippers.

The practical tote bag

The second must have for summer, and Cindy’s personal favorite, is the Anaïs tote bag. Made out of the same woven pattern as the shoulder bag, this tote has a playful touch.

Thanks to its square design, Anaïs is a very practical and stylish bag where you can fit anything in for a long day. Think about items for work or when you go on a citytrip. It will keep your belongings safe at any time.

Go for the unique buckle bag

A handbag doesn’t always have to be boring. And that’s very clear in Captain Cork’s collection. They have unique designs that can fit into any wardrobe and that will make every outfit look powerful.

The Anaïs beauty buckle bag is one of these eye-catching styles. Its unique shape makes your look stand out from the very first second you look at it. And its therefor the ultimate handbag when traveling. Because whether you’re going to Ibiza, Greece or another holiday this summer, the Anaïs buckle bag will match any style you take with you!

Organize your make-up

There’s nothing Captain Cork didn’t think about when creating their sustainable and ecological collections. Because if you invest in a beautiful bag, you also need to make sure that you take care of it.

The inside is as important as the outside. You don’t want marks. or make-up traces to ruin your handbag. Therefor you have the Jeanny make-up bag, also made out of cork. You can collect your daily make-up in it and carry the bag with you at any moment of the day. Or use it as a travel bag on the go.

But did you know that all the Captain Cork design are resistible to water? Thanks to their use of vegan certified high-quality cork, your bag is a very ecological and sustainable investment!

To discover all the Captain Cork bags, accessories and designs, you can visit their webshop.

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK in collaboration with Captain Cork

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