Captain Cork: Progress, more than a bag, a story

Credits: Captain Cork

Yesterday brought the first day of spring, but also the new collection of Captain Cork. And this is not just any collection, but a true celebration of diversity an inclusion. With the slogan ‘Progress, more than a bag, a story’, Ina de Quint brings attention to the problems associated with the lgbtqi+ community and her mission to change this.

8 colors, 4 faces and 1 bag, that’s Progress. For its latest collection, the brand chose four faces from the lgbtqi+ community to testify about certain issues they are often called upon to address. It ranges from issues around gender and identity, to entrepreneurship and heavier topics.

Credits: Captain Cork

One of the faces is the Flemish Drag Queen Lola McQueen, who became known through her participation in Belgium’s Got Talent. She especially wants to make clear that gays exist in all colors and that there is no one type of gay. She also wants to send a message of love to parents of gay children: Hold your child close and let him or her know that you love him or her, no matter what.

The stories can be viewed via the website of Captain Cork and the Progress bag is for sale on the webshop. As a customer you have the choice between 4 sets with two colored straps each, or a set with all colors. With each color comes a word that is important for each face in the campaign.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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