Captain Cork: our favourite styles for men

We have already presented the 100% Belgian and 100% sustainable Captain Cork brand to you. Today we zoom in on the men’s collection. Editor Angelo tells you about his favourite pieces and how to combine them.

Nature never goes out of style

Colourful cork Belts

A suit with a coloured belt is an elegant combo for the stylish man. If you want it more casual, you should opt for a beige blazer and jeans and complement it with a striking, coloured belt. Captain Cork offers 3 colour options: natural, red or blue. Complete your look with a pair of leather or suede shoes in brown.

Thanks to their unique honeycomb structure the Captain Cork belts are wear and tear resistant. Perfect if you are looking for an accessory to wear all day, every day.

Weather proof laptop and beltbags

Laptops and smartphones prefer not to be near water or any other liquid. And in Belgium, it sometimes dares to rain heavily. At such times it’s better to have a waterproof bag at hand. Thanks to the Captain Cork laptop bags, you don’t have to worry. The water slides right off.

My favourite pieces are the Logan laptop bag and the Karel belt bag. Thanks to their elegant design, they match any outfit. What’s more, they are super light too. The Karel belt bag is available in dark brown, but also in electric blue. 

1. LOGAN: The corky shoulder business bag/Captain Cork Label // 2. KAREL: Cool Cork Belt Bag Brown

The Captain cork collection also consists of stylish hats, caps, bamboo watches with cork details and bow ties. The products are the green and sustainable alternative for people that don’t want to be a part of a polluting, inhumane and exploiting world of mass production and consumption.

How to treat your Captain Cork accessories and bags? 

The biggest advantage of cork fabric over leather is the fact that it’s very low maintenance. To keep your vegan cork accessories and bags in good shape, all you need to do is clean them with water and soap. That is all!

And now that you’ve discovered the must have accessories, you might as well want to have a look on the great selection of bags for men.

Captain Cork proves that style can go hand in hand with a green and ecological mindset. You take the planet into account and don’t have to compromise on style! 

This article has been written by @ANGELOVERO in collaboration with @CAPTAIN CORK

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