Captain Cork is an 100% natural, fair-trade and hand made Belgian brand

Nowadays we pay more attention to the sustainability of the products we buy and also to their practical side. Especially for people who are on the road all day for work, those who like to travel and therefore prefer high-quality accessories. Of course it is also important to support our own local brands and that’s exactly why we put “Captain Cork” in the spotlight.

Ina created her own brand in 2018: Captain Cork. It was inspired by the ecological lifestyle of Ina’s father (her captain). She combined it with her love for honest, natural and handmade products. The result is a 100% Belgian brand that uses Portuguese cork for every design. Others who are self-confident and know the value behind an investment can easily find their way to the Captain Cork designs and will greatly appreciate the ecological products. And besides the use of an eco-friendly material, her lifestyle products are also Vegan!

Cork is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan raw materials that exists on our green planet.

That cork is an ecological alternative to leather makes Ina wonderfully clear with her authentic designs. “Unlike leather, cork is not processed with chemicals and other heavy chemicals. To harvest the cork, no tree is cut or damaged! The bark is peeled from the tree and it grows back on again.” – Ina The Quint

Cork is incredibly strong

And that’s why Captain Cork’s accessories are a must have for everyone! From a schoolbag for the kids to a make-up bag for the beauty lovers. Or a laptop bag for those who work at the office and teachers. She even has trendy watches for men. As you can hear, Ina has something for everyone in her collection! By the way, this durable raw material is also naturally water and moisture resistant. It can resist to cracks, stains and scratches too. And next to all of that it’s feather light so it perfectly fits in your bag when traveling.

A selection of our favorites

At Blogzine we love to support our local Belgian brands. With the start of Spring we are showing you everything you need to know about Ina’s beautiful designs. We start with a selection of our favourites for the upcoming season. During the following months we will also share more about the kids and men’s collection. A little bit of cork-overload never hurts, right?

Our first selection consists three models: the Marthe make up bag, a natural cork coloured wallet named “Vienna” and a pink pouch “Jitske”. Which is perfect for when you travel. Or for any woman who likes to organise her handbag. They also have certain design in different (basic) colours if you prefer a more minimalistic shade. The colours used on the bags are natural pigments. No chemicals or paints are used to decorate the bags.

Did you fall in love with some of the designs or do you want to discover more of Captain Cork’s unique designs? Then we kindly invite you to keep an eye on our online magazine so we can surprise you with more beautiful must haves.

Of course you can find the whole collection (and more informations) on their webshop: and at De Zoo van Antwerpen and fashion store ‘Terre Bleue’, you will find the handbags and accessories as well.

But if you prefer to pass by in the Captain Cork store, Ina will welcome you at her 120square meter store in Antwerp (Hoogstraat 63).

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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