Column: Can we help to save the planet?


My modeling life has been put on hold due to Corona. That’s why I’m going to tell you a little bit more about my life as an influencer.

As an influencer it’s not a secret that we often work with brands. On a daily base we get offers, however not all of them are relevant with my niche or audience. The ones that are interesting, I accept. And this week I got two new collaborations with companies that are trying to help the planet. A good cause and important message, so I decided to support them.

What we save, saves us

My life as an influencer

Two year ago I joined the influencer world. I combined it together with my modeling and dancing career, which was easy to do. It was easy as I’ve always been active on Social Media and thanks to Cindy‘s coaching, I got all the knowledge about this unique world. Being so active made me want to achieve new goals. Creating fun while doing this is an important rule I imposed on myself.

Is it an easy world? Definitely not! But it’s a great way to discover new brands and to connect with your audience. And to be honest, also as a model it’s becoming more important to have a strong profile on Instagram. Or TikTok as it’s growing in Belgium!

Clothes made from ocean waste

As mentioned before, I have been contacted by two brands who want to save the world. Each in their own way and with a clear message.

I start with Lanasia, a German company founded by two sisters. Their goal is to contribute to a cleaner environment. This by using only natural or recycled materials for high performance clothing.

For our collaboration I received two items: a crop top and a blazer. Both made out of ocean waste. And it is honestly unbelievable that this it is possible to create clothing from waste. I’m truly happy that I got the change to collaborate with them and to show my audience that you can be fashionable why saving our planet.

You are what you eat

Two days after discovering Lanasia, I received an e-mail to organize a vegetarian BBQ. And just like being conscious about what we wear, we should also consider what we eat. I truly believe in a better nutrition plan for myself and my family, so I accepted this collaboration as well.

The ecological footprint of eating meat is really big and we’re often not aware of it. The footprint is so big as we waste of water to produce only 1kg of meat. Can you image how many water is lost by providing all the meat for the supermarkets? Exactly… And don’t say that I’ve cut my meat consumption within a day because of this collaboration. But I’m definitely more aware of my own footprint. Therefor I’ve recused it and now I eat vegetarian meals about two times a week.

And have you ever tried a vegetarian BBQ before? With the products from Garden Gourmet I truly enjoyed the family BBQ we’ve organized.

I’m happy that I can create awareness for our planet by being an influencer. It gives me the possibility to be creative with my content, but I also get the opportunity to communicate about important messages.

This article has been written by @MARGAUX DECKERS

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