Business: Why your brand should start posting on TikTok


We see more and more brands popping up on TikTok and then we might ask the question: is it necessary for my brand to have a presence on TikTok? If it depends on marketing expert Angelo Vero, yes. Why it is, you will discover in this article.

In recent years, online surfing traffic has gone up dramatically, but it has also changed drastically. Platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and TikTok have become more popular than ever. mainly because they provided the necessary distraction from what was happening worldwide. And that had absolutely nothing to do with content to sell as much and as fast as possible. On the contrary, during the lockdown, TikTok became hugely popular due to its light-hearted content and the speed with which trends and challenges were picked up. 

This shift meant that brands also had to reinvent themselves. Typical marketing communications had to make way for authentic content, often combined with humor and emotion. Nobody is waiting for social media that constantly shouts at them: buy this, buy that. And successful brands now know this better than ever. 

Brands such as GUCCI and GymShark are hugely active and popular on TikTok. And what you see on their accounts is authentic, community-based content. They really use the platform as a communication platform to show the world around their brand. 

Benefits of TikTok

1. Quick growth

One of the great advantages of TikTok, is its algorithm. This allows certain posts to be picked up very quickly by anyone within a certain community. And this allows you to grow very quickly. When a post goes ‘viral’ it ends up on the ‘for you’ page. This means that even more people will see your post, because tikTok itself pushes it to as many people as possible. Because at TikTok what counts is: what others like to see, even more people should see and preferably as quickly as possible.

Besides the for you page, there is another important element that helps your page to grow faster. TikTok works on the basis of what it predicts you will like. If you have liked a certain post or brand more often, then there is a very good chance that TikTok will see this type of post and that same user coming back. In other words, if you have loyal fans as a brand, they will continue to see your content constantly. and because they are thus fans and may start liking your content again, your reach grows significantly. 

2. Increase credibility

Besides the numbers and the potential reach, you can immediately build a strong brand credibility. And that has not only to do with numbers, but also for example with how often and in what way other users interact with you. Like for example influencers or people who are important in the industry your brand is in. 

By creating collaborations or content together you show that others like your brand. If you have enough followers at a certain point, you can also go live on TikTok. this opens the door to even more possibilities to increase your credibility. But also more opportunities to just really get closer to your community. Because you can also just go live with someone random and have a nice live conversation with them, while other comments and questions can be posted live. 

3. Attract customers

Of course, this all leads to many more potential customers seeing your account and possibly visiting your website. Everyone knows that people attract other people. FOMO (fear of missing out) is really huge on social media. And as soon as something becomes popular or many people engage with a certain type of content, others want it too. It’s a snowball effect that can help you enormously as a brand. Once you realize this and understand how it works, you can capitalize on it and profit enormously. 

As a brand you don’t have to lie awake on TikTok with posts about how nice your brand is and what’s available. As soon as your brand is seen as ‘popular’ by many people, the sales will come of their own accord. 

So if you as a brand want to start TikTok today, my advice is to just be yourself. In addition, it is important to post frequently. The more you post, the more your TikToks can be seen. If you want to grow as a brand on TikTok, then you need to stay away from too commercial content and just post fun behind the scenes, styling tips, respond to questions and answers, etc…. 

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This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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