Business: Why you should work in a different city more often


Since last year, Business expert Angelo Vero has been living and working from abroad. In this article he tells why he recommends every entrepreneur to work more frequently from another city or country. Even if it’s just for a few days a year. 

Entrepreneurship is a full time job. And just like any full time job, there comes a time when the routine takes over and it seems like all the fun of entrepreneurship is gone. At that moment entrepreneurship can feel very heavy and even lead to a drop in productivity. When such a moment arises, it is advisable to set aside the routine and do something unexpected, such as working from another city or even another country. 

New perspectives

Working from another city or country first of all brings new perspective. It already starts with the mindset that working can be done from a different place. Often we like to stick to a fixed workplace because we think that otherwise we are neglecting our business. But investing in your mental health and entrepreneurial drive is actually a very important investment in yourself and your business. If you notice that your productivity and motivation are at a low ebb, then something needs to change. New perspective can make you feel like doing business again, because you realize how it can be done differently. 

Even if you are a one-man business or have your own store, I recommend that you schedule as many moments as possible where you physically leave your business behind. It is best to close the store for a few days with the justification that there is training or that you are working on the business from a distance. You must realize that you determine the rules of how your business is run. 

Working from scratch in a co-working space for example, also allows you to see how other entrepreneurs work. Maybe you will discover new tools or ways to handle things that would otherwise take you a lot of time a lot more efficiently. 

I recommend every entrepreneur to work on the move and to ask the question to everyone you see with a laptop: “What are you doing for a living?” Or “What are you working on?”. It’s always interesting to hear stories from other entrepreneurs. For example, I myself discovered a long time ago that there are many more interesting jobs out there than I was aware of. Some jobs I had never heard of. 

Creative ideas

With working on the move often comes a lot of new ideas. Change of scenery creates new stimuli. Even without you realizing it, your brain is busy behind the scenes analyzing what is happening. A new environment, new colors, different shapes, new people and even a different language can provide a lot of creative boosts. And maybe that’s just what your company and you need to move on for a while. 

When I work on the road, I like to let my brain experience as many stimuli as possible. The more stimuli, the more my creative half of my brain gets to work behind the scenes. I also like to leave room for brainstorming (by myself or with others). 

Renewed energy

The main reason I love working on the move and recommend it to everyone is primarily for the renewed energy. As I mentioned earlier, routine is a killer for productivity and can make business feel very heavy. By working on the move every now and then, it feels like the batteries have been recharged and we’re ready to move on for a while.

The great thing about this is when you make working on the move part of your business. And plan those moments in advance. That way you immediately have something fun to look forward to. That motivation alone can give you a lot more energy. It is the reward after a period of hard work and it is an investment in your company. 

So now that we’ve convinced you to work from another city or country more often, where are you headed next? Tag your entrepreneurial adventures with #MyCompanyGetaway and We look forward to following your adventures.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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