Business: Why sometimes it’s better not to post on Instagram


With the busy sales period ahead, the schedule is overflowing. From keeping up with all the promotions, to shipping everything in a timely manner, your administrative work and also Social Media. It can be overwhelming! And then sometimes it’s better not to publish anything on Instagram. So we’ve asked Social Media Expert Cindy Van Dyck to share her 3 most important tips with us when it comes to scheduling.

Quality always comes before quantity!

Tip 1: Every minute counts

As an entrepreneur, your time is worth more than gold. No matter what you do, a plan will help you work in a structured way and be more effective which will help you achieve your results more purposefully. And the same goes for social media. Because if you put so much time into a Business and Marketing plan, why not put in a Social Media plan that will help you spread all the necessary communication to your target audience, and of course, your potential customers.

So the first important rule is very simple: be sure to spend every minute of your day wisely. Plan your publications in advance, decide your storytelling strategy, the focus of the month and which products you will highlight and when. Not only will you find that this produces better results, you can afterwards start using the remaining time on things that will move your business forward!

To get started with a Social Media Calendar, download the e-book “Build your Social Media Calendar“. It explains step by step how to set it up and what not to forget! Good luck!

Tip 2: Always post with a goal

Now of course it happens quickly: you forget to schedule something and you still want to quickly throw something online. We are all human. But I have one message: don’t do it! Do not post it. Because quality always goes over quantity. And the rush behind it always reflects in your publication. For example: you’re not going to target a particular buyer, you forget important details about your product or services, your hashtags are incorrect and maybe there are even writing errors.

You create a successful post by fully preparing your Storytelling strategy. By knowing who you are going to communicate to, for their specific needs and finally with a Call To Action that converts to sales. And a post that you quickly suck out of your thumb is not going to achieve this. But it might just confuse your customers and you don’t want that!

And fortunately, creating good storytelling is not that difficult. We explain all the steps to you in the e-book “Storytelling as a marketing tool“. Let’s get those sales!

Tip 3: Stories convert better than posts

Don’t you have time to provide a publication in your Instagram feed? Then choose to focus on your stories! Because they convert better than your regular publications. And here’s why:

1. First of all, on each story you can put a direct link to a landing or product page. Which on your regular post you can’t.

2. In addition, stories are the perfect tool to extend your branding, collection and communication. People come online and immediately view the first stories at the top of the profile. If they are then interested in more, they can start looking at your publications. And believe me: this does not happen the other way around.

3. And finally, you can repeat your templates weekly. So always provide some Story Blocks with the most important products/information about your company. That way, when you need to publish something in a hurry, you can choose a template that can generate sales immediately! Instead of wasting time to quickly take another picture and come up with a text.

Finding it difficult to find the right structure in your Social Media publications or want additional tips? Then join our Blogzine Academy! We already helped more than 50 Belgian entrepreneurs with their strategies. And you also want to get the best out of your communication? Let us help you! Send us an email at or visit the website. See you soon!

This article has been written by Cindy Van Dyck

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