Business: Top 5 Social Media predictions for 2023


We have officially kicked in: the new year has started and we see predictions and trends popping up everywhere. There are some key trends to identify for social media as well. Blogzine went through several articles and newsletters to share with you the biggest and more intriguing ones:

1. Brand will focus on Social Standards

In 2023, brands and companies are expected to start putting hardened focus on their Social Media image and rely on higher social standards. Why? Because brand responsibility, transparency and authenticity are of enormous importance. More and more customers expect companies to take a stand on important issues. And you can only do that if you work on your social standards!

2. Immerse yourself into the Metaverse World

You saw it already come up a few times in 2022: Metaverse (VR, AR, NFTs and Avatars). And in 2023, several steps are being taken to get used to them as well. Or at least aspects of it! So delve into it early so you can be the first to jump on this trend!

3. Short videos have never been more important

We still discussed it at our last Blogzine Academy Bootcamp: short videos and TikTok know and keep and huge growth! That means in 2023 this trend will only continue to grow, and if you haven’t started a Reels or TikTok strategy yet, don’t wait too long!

And why exactly TikTok and not just videos on Instagram? The platform is becoming increasingly important for companies that want to communicate their products and services in an original way and attract new customers. Are you planning to add TikTok to your communication strategy and need help getting it right?

How to tackle this quickly and immediately? Sign up for the TikTok Kickstarter! In 3 months we will teach you how to build a strong following and community on the platform and make your videos perform well with your audience.

4. Apps will expand their services and functions

Over the past year, we saw something new pop up every month in our favorite apps. For example, Instagram recently launched the “Note Feature” in private messages where the for 24h can share a certain message to people who follow you to start a conversation with them. All this to increase community-building.

And we expect more updates in 2023 as well! Several social media platforms continue to work on creating all-encompassing, “super” apps by expanding their range of services and features. We are already very curious to see what may be coming!

5. Expand your customer service through Social Media

With practically everything going through Social Media and the Internet, it is not illogical that customer service is also shifting to your platforms. So by 2023, we expect even more companies to add and incorporate a customer service element into their social media strategies. Will you also follow this trend?

Of course, the world of Social Media changes daily and keeping up with all the news is not always easy. The important thing is to focus on what your business needs to grow! At the Blogzine Academy, we will continue to help with your growth and social media strategy in 2023. Quickly discover our new memberships and start making your new plans a reality today!

This article has been written by @Cindy Van Dyck

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