Business: Three Social Media tips for the best Christmas Promotion


The last two months of the year have entered. And if you haven’t yet thought about how you’re going to plan and promote your year-end promotions, it’s five to twelve. So time to get started right now and make the most of your Christmas season! And to make sure you don’t forget anything important, Social Media Expert Cindy shares 3 tips with you to keep in mind.

Christmas may be commercial, but it is the best time to make yourself visible!

Tip #1: To plan is to win

You’ve heard it from us before and our members get it as homework every month: schedule your promotions. No matter what you organize or want to launch as a business owner, without a clear plan you are already losing 90% of your sales. So even for your year-end period, it’s hugely important that you start planning early. But how do you do that?

We recommend starting preparations at least two months before the start of your promotion. In your social media calendar, this will then be before the holidays in October. And by now we are already November! But don’t panic, even last minute you can still do a lot of things and we list the most important things for you today:

– Mark in your Social Media calendar the start date of Christmas actions

– Prepare photography and content a month in advance (now!). Do you have all the images? Do you still need to make reels? What products are you highlighting for Christmas? Do you have images in Christmas spirit for this?

– Do you have all your images? Then make a schedule of when you will publish what, including your newsletters and Marketing promotions.

– And then of course: Prepare your website texts/stories and captions!

To link the right communication to your end-of-year campaign, it’s hugely important to capitalize on Storytelling. And did you know that Storytelling is the best free marketing tool out there? It helps you convince your potential customer to make a purchase in seconds! Click here to find out how to do just that!

Tip #2: Don’t wait until it’s too late

Before we start, we have some questions for you! Have you already analyzed your customers’ buying behavior? Do you know how your target group reacts to promotions or commercial actions such as Christmas? And do you know when your direct competition starts their Christmas promotions? This is extremely important to know in order to make sure you are not too late promoting your products!

To help you correctly analyze your competition and know your target groups, we have two special e-books: “Checkmate your Competition” & “Get to know and understand your Customers“. And you will need those if you start last minute now.

But we give you a very important tip in advance: don’t wait until everyone starts communicating about Christmas. As an entrepreneur, you always choose when to highlight an action or certain products. You set the rules! Are you prepared and ready to get started? Then start your promotions at the end of November. Because if you wait until the last weeks, you can be sure that your customers have already spent their available budget….

Tip #3: Do something special, be unique

Everyone is highlighting products for Christmas. Every company and brand has a special Christmas collection and packaging, wanting to convince people to just sell their products as ideal Christmas gifts. So prepare to compete against this.

How to do that without spending big marketing budgets on ad? By uniquely standing out from the crowd. In doing so, let your creativity run wild! Organize a fun family promotion, create your own Christmas calendar, and so on. The more fun the idea, the more it will stand out. And standing out means more visibility and potential sales.

We at Blogzine also organize a unique year-end promotion every year: the Blogzine Advent Calendar. We count down together from December 1 through December 25 and highlight one different company, brand or product each day via social media. As a company, you can choose to put forward a collection, gift guide or product. Those who want to do a contest (giveaway) together to, get even more reach, can do that too. This year’s giveaway will also include an article featuring the brands/companies of the week to reach even more potential customers.

Are you interested in joining this unique Advent Calendar? Then quickly contact us through email: as places are very limited!

Never miss a Seasonal Campaign

Want to start planning in time for your next promotion or special launch? Want to avoid losing a large percentage of your sales? Then we have the ideal e-book for you that will inspire and help you prepare everything: “Seasonal Social Media Campaigns“. And you can download it today with -30% discount as we’re having a unique discount on all e-books. Enjoy that offer!

Do you have questions in your preparations? Do you want to take a more professional approach or start 2023 already with good preparation? Then we are here for you! At the Blogzine Academy, we have been helping entrepreneurs work out all their launches, dreams, plans and so on for almost two years! Will we help you soon too?

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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