Business: This is why you need UGC and Brand Ambassadors


The rise of Influencers who help elaborate marketing campaigns of companies has been on the rise for several years. However, today we are seeing a change. More and more companies are choosing to prioritize User Generated Content (UGC) and are using Brand Ambassadors more often. That’s why Social Media and Influencer expert Cindy Van Dyck will tell you why you need to work with them for your brand!

A brand ambassador becomes the face of your brand.

Why do you need UGC?

As an (online) brand, the pressure is enormous to create and publish original, creative and quality content time and time again. In addition, every day some content needs to go out the door. Think of Newsletters, Social Media posts and blog, and also for this you need constantly new images. User Generated Content can help you to decrease the pressure of constantly creation content yourself.

What is the difference with a Brand Ambassador?

In addition to using UGC, or next to it, you can also engage Ambassadors who are dedicated to the visibility and awareness of your brand. But also in turn create content that you can use to promote your brand. So what is exactly the difference?

– With User Generated Content you focus on the content itself. Not everyone who creates content for you is the ideal ambassador to promote your business. Neither a photographer or client. Therefore UGC creators are not immediately part of the face of your company.

– A Brand Ambassador their job is to create and consolidate the relationship between the company’s offer and the customer. It is a person, sometimes a celebrity, who is paid to endorse or promote a particular company’s products or services. In other words, they also become the face of your brand!

The most important tip

We have of course a lot of tips to share with you. And you can find all of the tips and tricks in the newest e-book we’ve just launched: “User Generated Content & Ambassadors“. But in order for you to get started, we already want to tell you to only work with Brand ambassadors that match your brands vision.

This as your image as a company depends on the person you will be choosing! If your potential customers think that your Brand Ambassador doesn’t fit with what you are suggesting, offering them, or the message you’re sending out, you might even miss out on sales and followers.

Therefor it is important to prepare the necessary strategy behind this and that you have solid contracts. So be sure to discuss all your steps with our Social Media coach before you launch! If not done correctly, your action can end up with 0 sales or even a ban on Instagram. And you want to make the most of it, don’t you? Book your coaching now with Cindy if you want more information!

Don’t forget that no matter who you work with, what product you want to highlight and who is posting for you, that this content can generate a new flow of income and clients! Therefor make sure to get the best out of every publication people make about you and to use these to strengthen your own Social Media, content and Communication strategy. Good Luck!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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