Business: This Is Why You Need To Send More Newsletters


A lot of business owners are scared of making newsletters an important part of their marketing. However, according to business expert Angelo Vero it can be one of your most important assets. Find out why in today’s business column.

Not sending newsletters,

is the same as not using advertising to save money.

It’s ridiculous.

Newsletter are a great way of sending a specific message to a (large) group of people that have shown an interest in your company or products. A newsletter can be personalize, measured, tracked and analyzed. Which means you can use the information you get to improve not only your offering, but also the way you interact with potential customers. Newsletters remain to this day one of the most effective channels to get sales.

Types of newsletters

Newsletters can be used in various ways to send out many forms of information, such as:

– Company info and updates

– Save the dates: collections, drops, upcoming sales

– Industry news

– Look book

– Freebies

– Feedback requests

– Discounts

– Quick sales

– Last items available

– Upcoming events

E-mail frequency

Your clients want (need) to hear from you at least once a week. They actively signed up to your newsletter wanting to get the good stuff, so you have to give it to them. Not only that, when you are not communicating to them, your competitors are. So you may actually end up losing potential sales.The moment you think “it is too much”, is probably because you are not giving enough value, so you are repeating yourself or just sending out random e-mails. Not every one is reading or opening e-mails from you every week, but that does not mean they should not be sent out!

The reason why your e-mail open rate is low, is because of the value of your e-mails. You promised the good stuff and you are probably under delivering. Focussing on the value and less on the sales, will get people to be more interested in your e-mails. But what is value for one person might not be value for someone else.

Tip: try to find out what type of news or updates your subscriber wants from you and give him exactly that! If your customer only signed up to get the latest deals or only wants to be informed when a new collection drops, you should keep that in mind. 

Send more e-mails

So instead of sending less newsletters, your goal should be to send even more newsletters. But, only when the value is consistent. To reduce the phenomenon of “newsletter boredom” you can request your subscribers to give you an idea of the frequency they personally are okay with when it comes to newsletters. For instance if someone says he is okay with a two weekly newsletter, then make sure to include this interval in your e-mail automation for that specific subscriber. This system can be automated so you don’t have to do this manually.

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