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Since January you can visit our magazine every week for great business tips, given by our own Blogzine Academy experts. And today, Cindy Van Dyck, Social Media expert, gives you three reasons why you are losing followers on Instagram. Because good news, it’s really not your fault!

Buying Instagram Followers will be your worst investment

We all know the feeling of getting disappointed and demotivated when we start the day again with a dozen fewer followers. Especially if your social media channels are linked to your business and income. Then every follower is very important. Or so we think…

It’s high time to change this mentality and focus on what really matters: your reach and connection with your loyal followers. Or put very simply: it is better to have 100 followers who all buy, than to have 20,000 followers on your counter of which only 20 buy. Get it? In the long run, you only win if you strengthen your connection with your current followers and convert them into returning customers.

So never panic! But find creative ways to strengthen your relationship with them and thus also attract new followers all the time. But now let’s go into the essence of the article: why am I losing followers daily?

The new algorithm

The first reason is also suddenly at the root of the most recent change in the Instagram Algorithm. Yes, your best friend! Since the beginning of the new year, Instagram has once again implemented the chronological newsfeed. Which means that from now on, the most recent posts will appear in your news feed from everyone you follow every time, instead of just the posts from the profiles you view the most.

This means that people who have been following you for some time, and didn’t see your posts due to the previous algorithm, will now see them again. And maybe they are no longer interested in your posts, or you have “grown apart” in terms of common interests. And that’s totally okay if they unfollow for that reason! Just as your business grows, interests in people grow and change as well.

So don’t worry about it too much! Because implementing this algorithm has only advantages for you: the life span of your post increases significantly!

Removal of inactive accounts

It is not unknown, but we still sometimes forget how many people create profiles only to leave them inactive afterwards. And Instagram is very aware of this.

For several years now, therefore, they have been regularly “exploiting” and removing inactive profiles. It may be that at some point you have grown tremendously, but now some profiles are no longer actively participating in your engagement. And those profiles then disappear from your followers.

But again: this is only positive. It means that your current and lasting followers, show more engagement and can also give more engagement. So again, focus on strengthening your relationship with your current followers. Get to know them better, engage with them and who knows, you might convert them into a new customer!

If you also want to increase your engagement significantly, quickly read our e-book on “Engagement Marketing“. It is not for nothing our best-selling e-book!

Your target group is changing

It is very easy to start following a profile without thinking. This might be because you liked a particular Reel or a particular photo that made you interested in more. But as time goes by, the more your target audience changes. People gain or lose interest in your product, service or profile. And that’s not a bad thing! As you grow, so does your target audience.

So give everyone the opportunity and freedom to explore your profile. Give every target audience the chance to become a customer through proper targeting.

And do you find it difficult to know your target audience and adjust your communication accordingly? Then we would like to help you! Our e-book “Get to know and understand your customers” explains step by step how to build a sustainable future for your business. Just by getting to work profiling your customers and responding to their needs.

How best to appeal to your target audience and convince them to buy your product or service, can be worked out in a personal strategy to achieve optimal results. We have already helped 30 of our current Blogzine Academy members in this way. But there is a golden tip that we are sharing with you today: commit at least 4 times 15 minutes every day to publications on hashtags of your target group. Since you share the same interests, there is also a good chance that they will show interest in your profile, what you do and what you offer!

Want more tips on how to grow your business? Then come back next week for a new article.

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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