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There is a huge amount of division about using Influencers to increase your brand awareness. For one entrepreneur it sounds like a nightmare due to a campaign gone wrong in history. For others it works better than advertising and for some it is still completely unknown territory. Today social media expert Cindy Van Dyck will go deeper into the subject and tell you why you should use influencers for your business!

A high number of followers does not automatically mean you are an influencer.

Our knowledge about Influencers

It is not for nothing that we are sharing this article with you today. For more than 12 years, the Blogzine team has been at the center of the world of Social Media and Influencers. Cindy herself started out as one of the first Bloggers in Belgium and worked as an ambassador. This for companies such as Canon, Tezenis, Dior, Givenchy, Ice-Watch and Calzedonia. But she has also been an ambassador for the Dominican Republic! And Angelo worked on the other side as he had his own Agency where he connected brands with influencers.

Thanks to all these years of accumulated knowledge, the team can today optimally assist brands in developing successful campaigns. Like no other, we can analyze profiles, measure what the success of the campaign will be and which influencers are a match for the philosophy of the brand. But we also know what doesn’t work, how to avoid losses and what to watch out for.

Are you curious? Have you always wanted to engage influencers? Then read on!

Followers vs. Influencing

The biggest fact to take into account is that the number of followers does not equal the ability of influencer. For example: A famous person has many followers thanks to his career or visibility on TV. But this does not necessarily mean that he or she has the ability to convince their community to actually buy when a product is promoted.

Influencer comes naturally. Thanks to the person’s lifestyle, voice or tone, or creativity, the content that is published is going to have an impact on the community. And that’s what influencers are! People who naturally influence other people.

And that doesn’t mean there has to be 100,000 followers. It’s better to partner with someone of 5000 followers, 4500 of whom are convinced to discover your brand. Then to collaborate with a profile to 100,000 followers, of which only 2000 will be convinced.

How do you work together with Influencers

If you are looking for profiles to promote your brand or products and services, you should first ask yourself two questions. First: “Is this the face and personality I want to represent my business?”. Secondly: “Is the community that the influencer has built, exactly my target audience?”. If both questions are answered in the affirmative you are in the right place. Then you can contact your chosen influencer.

Between the first contact and the effective collaboration, a lot of steps need to be gone through first. Think about the discussion of the campaign, the deliveries, the compensation (paid or unpaid), drafting the contracts, the shipment in order and the follow-up. But also analyzing the success is a big part of this.

It is therefore important to know that organizing a successful campaign does not happen in one day. And often entrepreneurs do not have the time or opportunity for this. We at Blogzine therefore help various companies with their Influencer Campaigns! Would you like some extra help with the development of your campaign? Then get in touch with us!

The Return on Investment

This is what stops most brands from partnering with influencers. Especially if there is a fee involved: how do I get out of it what I invest in it? And for that, we have three answers.

First, you need to do your research carefully. Don’t just go contacting anyone because they are famous. Really look for someone who can put your brand optimally in the spotlight. Someone who has buying power within the built-up community and who can ensure that your storytelling is enhanced.

In addition, you should always first be sure of what you as a brand are going to develop from a campaign. If you have not decided everything in detail, your budgets, what you expect, what results you want to see and what content you want to receive, do not expect it to be successful. Everything starts with you!

In conclusion, there is never any certainty. Unfortunately! There is always a risk that you will not get 100% out of it what you have invested. What is certain is that if you do all the steps correctly and follow them, your business will gain tremendously in visibility and awareness. And in the long run this will automatically result in more customers and sales!

Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur or a well-known company, engaging influencers can make your business more successful or just completely break it. Therefore, always be extremely well prepared before you start. Do not hesitate to contact us to make your influencer campaign a success!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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