Business: This is how you create the perfect Instagram Biography


The Instagram channel is an important part of your social media strategy. More and more companies use it as an online shopping platform, and individuals consult your profile to check your reliability and professionalism. It is therefore not only important to use the right images, storytelling and the right communication. Your biography is also extremely important.

Make sure people can relate to you

Whether you are a clothing brand, sell beauty products or offer services, the most important thing is that people can link to you. Once they get a sense of familiarity or feel an emotional connection, they will start following you. The best thing you can do for this is to show that what you offer is the solution. But of course, we have even more tips for you to compose an excellent Instagram bio.

Instagram User Name

The first thing people see is your username. Therefore, make it professional, easy to find and not too difficult to remember. The easiest way is to give it your own personal name or that of your company. For example: @cindyvandyck, and @blogzineacademy. That way they can easily find you at any time!

At all costs, avoid special characters, too many underscores and words that are difficult to articulate. Less is more!

Your Personal Name

In addition to your username, you also have the name or “title” of your profile. Here you have the possibility to add in short keywords that will help with the searchability of your profile.

Here you can add, for example, what you do or what your specialization is. But also your full name if you chose a short username. Some examples are:

– Cindy Van Dyck, Belgian Content Creator

–, Magazine for Belgian Brands

Travel Blogger, Belgian Blogger, Fashion Enthusiast, Fitness Coach, Belgian Entrepreneur, are also good keywords you can use to make your profile more findable. Again, avoid special characters and fonts as these are not supported in the search function!

Text and Biography

Listing what you do is the easiest way to let your community and potential followers know what you stand for, who you are and why they should follow you. Therefore, adding a fun fact is always nice. But as we said before, it is important to apply the principle of “less is more”. Therefore, when listing, use a maximum of four short sentences. And slso make sure your main specialties is above the “see more”. After all, many people won’t look any further and therefor might miss out on important information..

Not a fan of listing? Then you can summarize who you are in two short sentences. Actually a kind of short pitch. Not easy but essential if you want to make yourself known online. This option is by the way great for service related profiles.

And last but not least, always use some emojis to emphasize an important keyword!

Contact Informations

Once you build your profile, people, especially clients, should be able to contact you for informations regarding purchases or returns and general client service. Therefore, always include your email in your bio text and add the contact button so they can send you an email directly. This is a clear Call To Action and will avoid that you loose sales.

Call To Action

In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response. So in the case of your Instagram Profile, this could be a call to follow your profile, send you an email or even visit your website.

Nice phrases for this are:

– Send me an email for collaborations

– Read the latest Blog now

– New YouTube video is online

– Are you lost? Then follow me!

Be original with your CTAs to get results out of them. Therefore, not adding any CTA often leads to a lower engagement rate.

Now that your profile is in order, we can start with your visibility and feed creation. In the e-books Content Guide and Instagram Guide for Influencers, we give you all the examples you need on how to build these up correctly. Do you want a personalized strategy? Then you can also book a coaching session for this as a Blogzine Academy member. We are looking forward to see your updated profiles!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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