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Reinventing yourself every year, creating a strong plan to set yourself apart from the competition. It often remains a challenge. But thanks to the Digital Bootcamps that the Blogzine Academy organizes every month, you don’t just learn new skills. You’ll also do exercises with the experts to expand your knowledge! Read on quickly and find out more about growing your business and entrepreneurship.

If you’re not networking,

you are not working.

Join our monthly Digital Bootcamps

Every last Monday of the month, we host a digital “do-moment” with our Academy members. But of course, you can also participate in our Bootcamps as a non-member. During the bootcamp, we work in groups to successfully complete a creative thinking exercise. It is specifically designed to teach or sharpen certain creative skills.

On Monday, January 30 (from 6pm-8pm) we will host the very first bootcamp of 2023 and delve into the world of mood boards and get to work together. We’ll teach you how to creatively visualize your project so that you have a guide for what’s next: execution.

On Monday, February 27 (from 6pm-8pm), we will delve into creative copywriting. We’ll teach you how to take your storytelling and copywriting skills to the next, more creative level. This bootcamp is especially created for every entrepreneur in need of original captions, convincing newsletter topics, storytelling for blog articles or product descriptions, etc. We will work together and afterwards you will have time to ask questions about your communication.

Sign up through this link to the bootcamp of your choice. You can also participate as a non-member! You simply purchase your participation for this.

Networking is the key to success

You’ve probably heard it before, but networking is hugely important as an entrepreneur. Thanks to this tool, you will help build contacts with other professionals. Not only will you get better reputation this way, but more visibility, a stronger support network and better business growth are linked to this. And we too believe in connecting entrepreneurs to become stronger businesses and grow faster. That’s why we host a networking chat every month with the Blogzine Academy.

Want to participate to our next Network Chat edition, or more at once? Then subscribe through this link. It is open to both members and non-members.

Important: Everyone who participates will also be sent a personalized tasting packet for the chat! Yes, we make it very personal.

Win a free 1:1 session

We always enjoy getting to know new entrepreneurs and helping them get started with their businesses. That’s why we are giving away 5 one-on-one sessions to the first five new participants of our network chat!

Would you also like a session worth 250€? Then register quickly through this link. You will be automatically notified if you have won a session and we will book it together at a time that suits you.

Want to participate in all these events for FREE? Attend monthly coaching and plan “do-sessions” with our experts? Then quickly discover the memberships we offer. Because as a Blogzine Academy member, we don’t just work on learning new skills, we also work with you to develop a growth plan so you can end 2023 with great success!

This article has been written by @Cindy Van Dyck

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