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Do you often run around with a lot of ideas, just can’t get your project to lift off? Or do you find yourself with so many thoughts and it seems like a mess in your head? Time to add a mood board to your arsenal of standard business tools. We’ll tell you why.

Yesterday, members of the Blogzine Academy got to work at the first digital bootcamp of 2023. Topic of the evening was mood boards and visual mind mapping. In other words; how to make sure that what’s in your head is visually represented and becomes your guide for the project at hand. 

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Moodboard versus collage versus vision board

Both are very similar in that both are a collection of photographs, clippings, etc. A collage is more of an art form; a visual expression of a thought or topic. A moodmoard, on the other hand, has an entirely different purpose; a collection of thoughts and ideas to gain clarity of a project at hand more quickly. This is precisely why a mood board is indispensable within any company and any project.

A mood board really can be used for anything; a new collection, a new brand identity or website, and so on. The purpose of a mood board is to look for images and clippings (can be offline and online) until you feel that what you have in front of you expresses exactly how you feel when you think about the project in front of you. It’s purpose is mostly about making aesthetic decisions. 

A vision board on the other hands is for creating a visual aid for where you want to go with your company or how you see your personal development evolving for example. It’s purpose is rather to make your goals and strategies visible.


While a mood board is primarily a visual representation using images and clippings, a mind map is  mostly a representation of words. Using the brainstorming technique of “free thinking,” you try to link in clusters as many associations and ideas as possible. You start with a word in the middle and draw lines from the middle outward with words or topics you need to think about further. You can keep breaking down further until you feel your mind map is complete. You can also complete a mind map with a mood board at the extremes. 

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