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There’s always someone out there who needs what you can provide

Elevator what?

A personal elevator pitch is a quick summary or presentation of yourself. Imagine yourself delivering it the duration of a short elevator ride. 

How long is an elevator ride? Are you riding to the top floor in the Burj Khalifa, or just two floors to a house party? Having different lengths of pitches can guarantee you are always successful in sharing your message with others, without any embarrassing silences. You can roughly count 30 to 90 seconds.

Why an elevator pitch?

A good elevator pitch is important because it’s an effective way to demonstrate your professional aptitude, strengths and skills. Your elevator pitch is a way to share your expertise quickly and effectively with people who don’t know you. 

How to start writing an elevator pitch?

Take a blank page or open a new text document on your computer and try it. Easy? Not really! It is difficult to introduce yourself to someone in a compelling way. But it can help you set up for a successful professional conversation, maybe at a networking event, with a colleague, at the beginning of an interview or maybe to find an investor for your project or business.

Start by introducing yourself and tell the essentials, talk about what you do (your past and present), what you want (your future goals) and how you as a person/brand/product can be of any help to others or why you are interested in them in the first place and finish with a call to action. Yes, always tell what you want to happen next: ask for a meeting, express interest in a job or opportunity or ask someone to be your mentor.  And always write your pitch down on your phone or somewhere at hand as a reminder. 

Do’s and don’ts

Even if you have memorized your elevator pitch make it look and sound effortless, as if you just made it up that very moment. Always highlight your (USP) Unique Selling Proposition, keep it simple, speak naturally and don’t speak too fast. Take your time to make a lasting impression, make it conversational, make it easy for others to understand, be positive, persuasive and express confidence. 

Do you need more than one elevator pitch?

Yes. You should have an elevator pitch for different situations and moments in life. For a job interview you will highlight other aspects of your personality or skills than when you are pitching to a potential investor or when you want to persuade someone to sell your products. 

And last but not least

Practice, practice, practice; do it in front of the mirror or role play with your friends of family. Always ask for feedback. Record your pitch that way you can listen to yourself. I know, in the beginning it is awkward to hear yourself talk, but eventually you will get used to it. Because the more you practice, the more confident you will sound.

Also listen to other people pitching as it will teach you a lot and show you different angles and inspire you. And if at the end of your pitch they ask you questions, you should always be prepared to answer questions, thumbs up! You’ve got their attention.

So don’t be shy, never say die, up man and try!

This article has been written by @VALERIE THYS

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