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Every business active online on Instagram has the same goal: to increase the reach of their Instagram profile. Many try to do this through giveaways, promotions and engagement groups, but fail to realize that this only ensures that their ideal target audience is not reached. What does help is a customized hashtag strategy! And today we’ll explain why.

Use hashtags to find your target audience, not extra followers

The amount of followers are not important

It is the dream of every entrepreneur: to give his business the necessary and deserved visibility it deserves. But unfortunately, in reality, making sure that all your publishing is seen, read and remembered is a huge challenge. Often we then hear: what is the easiest way to gain a lot of followers? But stop, right now. Because this is the wrong question. What you need to ask yourself is how you can increase your reach, without focusing on the number of people you follow.

Because buying followers is easy and thanks to a win action you also get these followers very quickly for free. But in reality: how many of them actually buy? Often they will unfollow your account once they realize they have not won anything, or they disappear among all the followers without being active. And what you really want are people who are genuinely interested in your profile, found you through targeted content and are happy to support your business through a purchase!

Why are hashtags so important?

Since the beginning of Social Media, hashtags have played a very important role in reaching and bringing together community-related topics. But why are they so important? First of all, the use of a customized hashtag strategy can increase your page’s visibility with up to 15%! But there are four other main reasons why you should use the right hashtags per publication:

1. Increase your engagement and reach

Applying a strong hashtag strategy can increase your engagement and reach! And more activity on your profile also means that your profile will be boosted and shown more often to new potential customers. Your posts will end up in the explore feed, will be pushed to the audience of their followers and you will quickly grow a new base of potential clients!

2. Reach a specific group of people: a community

When you are building a sustainable brand, it is important that your new potential customers and followers have the same interests as what you offer and publish on your profile. You can target them via through specific branded and community hashtags.

3. You will get to know your customers and followers better

A successful sales plan can be achieved when you also know and can reach your ideal customer.  But it is additionally important that you can follow up with your current customers. Through the hashtags you can reach them! Even if they do not follow you, yet.

4. Get inspired and follow the trends

Your publication can go viral very quickly, or your profile can be boosted by Instagram, when you are picked up on a trend. Whether it’s a Reel, a publication or video, some hashtags are trending and you as an entrepreneur can capitalize on them! Follow therefor the trending hashtags that fit your brand, engage with the profiles that are interesting for you and get inspired by the content!

Are you convinced and ready to work out your own hashtag strategy? Then we invite you to read the Hashtag Guide. Thanks to the 10 pages of the e-book, you will learn step by step how to develop a strategy, personalized for your own ideal target audience. This guide is applicable to (personal) brands, entrepreneurs and influencer accounts.

Download it today and start increasing your reach!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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