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Unhappy clients leave up to 10 times more frequently a bad review. Whereas happy customers often forget to post one. According to business expert Angelo Vero getting more reviews from happy customers are just a matter of following 6 easy steps.

When we look at the customer journey of a potential client on his way to becoming a client, we notice that he has a lot of questions before deciding on a purchase. Reviews are an ideal way to put your company in the spotlight and attract and convince potential customers. After all, social proof (that’s what it’s called) works a lot better than if you, as a company, constantly tell people why you are the best. Reviews can help potential customers get an idea of the benefits from your products or even get answers to their questions right away.

But obtaining reviews from happy customers is not always the easiest task. Often companies have just a few reviews and do not know how to change this. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to increase the number of reviews. 

#1 Just ask

Most of the time people don’t leave reviews because they are simply not thinking about them. This does not mean they don’t want to. So if you want more reviews, all you have to do is ask!

#2 Make it easy

Another reason why you might not be getting as many reviews as you want, is simply because your customers don’t know where or how they can leave one. By creating an e-mail with a direct link to the Google Reviews for your business, or the review section on your website, you might get more results. the same can be done in a social media post or story.

But, you can even make it easier and just ask them to send you a review through e-mail or DM that you can use and put yourself on your website or a highlight section on Instagram.

#3 Reward them

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t really do much for someone else unless we have something to benefit from it. That is mostly how it is these days, nothing wrong with that. However as a company that means that for you in order to be getting those reviews you might have to consider giving a reward. You could do a monthly draw for everyone who has left a review somewhere, to motivate them.

#4 Do it quick enough, but make it relevant

Sending a review request right after someone has had an encounter with your company might be a good idea, however sometimes it might be too soon. For instance if someone bought a t-shirt, you won’t be asking the day after for a review. You might consider asking a review after a few weeks so your client has had enough time to have an opinion to share. If your goal is to get feedback about a customer service call, you might want to follow up immediately. Since no one cares about giving you feedback after a couple of days. So the moment of your request should be relevant and timely.

#5 Do it again after a while

Sometimes it might be of your company’s interest to ask a customer again about his experience with your products. Especially if your goal is to understand if what you are saying about the products everlasting quality. Getting feedback that shows your company offers exactly what it said, is a great marketing and sales tool.

#6 Embed reviews on your website

Using plugins that embed Google or Facebook reviews directly onto your website might be an easy way to have reviews on all platforms at the same time. It als gives people the opportunity to leave a Google or facebook review directly from your website. Which is more convenient than them having to go to either platform to leave one.

If you want to learn more about getting to know your customers or how to map out a customer journey, then you read the e-book: you can download it here.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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