Business: How to generate a Passive Income thanks to E-books


When you position yourself as a (personal) brand on the market, it’s nice when everything starts to fall into place. Your products or services get the visibility they need, your income becomes more stable and you gain credibility. Once you’ve reached that step it’s of course time to further develop your skills as an entrepreneur and to secure your income even more. And today Cindy Van Dyck, Social Media expert and coach, will tell you why e-books can help you to generate a passive income.

Don’t be busy. Be Productive.

One of the most efficient ways to create a passive income, is to create e-books. And the best of all? You really don’t need any special skills, knowledge of computers or programs here. Neither do you have to be in direct contact with a publisher! You can work everything out digitally and make a passive income out of it afterwards.

Does this sounds interesting to you? Then make sure to read on!

What is a Passive Income exactly?

A “Passive Income” is an income that requires minimal labor to earn and maintain. At the Blogzine Academy, we also call it “making money while sleeping”. Also, with a passive income, effort is often expected only once, or only at certain times. So afterwards, once it has been delivered, it can be profitable for a long period of time.

Are you not sure with what you can generate a Passive Income next to e-books? Hereby are some examples:

– Selling online designs

– Creating an app

– Affiliate Marketing

– Create online courses

– Sell your photography

– Blogging and YouTube

As you can see, there are a lot of extra ways to create that extra income and visibility that you want, and need. And as long as it matches the needs of your customers or community, you can write about everything that might inspire them!

Why are e-books perfect to generate an extra income?

As a brand, writing an e-book can be a great opportunity to take advantage of the low cost of publishing, as well as ensure that you can share unique content and knowledge with your community. Next to that, E-books can also be relatively short, perhaps 30-50 pages, and can be relatively inexpensive to create because they depend on your own expertise.

But the best of all is that to create a successful e-book you don’t need to be an expert on a specific topic! However the topic can be niche focused, brand-related and you can use special skills or abilities here that few offer, but which many readers need.

When you then put this e-book up for sale and share it with your community, you as a (personal brand) will increase the trust of your audience, inspire others and gain extra visitors on your pages, webshop. This results into more income!

How to I create a perfect e-book?

To ensure your passive income, it is important to create an e-book that attracts people, generates sales and possibly additional regular customers. And it all starts with the title that tells people what it is about and what they can expect when they read it. But of course there is much more than that!

E-books are high-commitment pieces of content because of their length, so you need to make sure you’re demonstrating the value up front in a compelling way. The next points will give you the most essentials parts you need to include in your e-book:

– A good cover

– A template or layout that appeals to your readers and audience

– Good copywriting

– Your branding needs to be on point

But I hear you thinking: “Can everyone or every brand create and e-book?” – Yes you can! In our e-book “E-books as a Passive Income” we explain each step of creating your own copy and also discuss each essential into detail. Shortly said: we are guiding you through the whole process. From picking out a cover, until promoting it and generating the sales!

If you want to brainstorm about topics or look into it in detail, then you can book a “Buddy” call with Cindy through the Blogzine Academy. If you are a member, you can schedule a free personal coaching with the topic “e-books”.

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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