Business: How Pinterest can help you to drive more Sales


As you all start preparing your Social Media Calendar for the new year, it’s also important to look at what platforms you can expand on. Pinterest is an important part of your potential sales and visibility. Let’s join Social Media Expert Cindy for a quick in-depth look at how you can increase your sales through Pins.

The biggest advantage of Pinterest? The eternal lifespan of your pins!

Keywords are magical words

Let’s start at the beginning: the reason you can gain so much reach and increase your sales is thanks to the use of keywords. After all, Pinterest is all about this.

But what exactly does this mean? Pinterest is known as the largest social media search platform. Just like Google, you’re going to use keywords to find results about your interests. Instead of ending up on websites, on Pinterest you get to see pins. And you, as a business, need to end up among these pins! And now the most important thing: Neither through Facebook or Instagram can you use keywords to find certain social media posts. So use Pinterest in order for people to find your products or services, linked to their interests.

Increase your newsletter subscriptions

If you are found through the use of keywords, you can also very easily associate each product or service you offer with the appropriate keywords. And this is where you want to get potential customers! Therefore, also use Pinterest to improve your newsletter strategy. After all, each new subscription means you can continue working on convincing this new potential customer.

And how do you do this? For example, by giving people the opportunity to download a freebie, an e-book on a certain topic, a discount if they subscribe and so on.

Place a link behind each publication

One last but certainly not least reason to increase your reach and sales: you can put a link behind every publication. In what you can’t on Instagram!

On Instagram, you have to redirect every reader to your link in bio or your stories. Which often leads to them getting distracted and clicking away. You need to be able to retain a hot lead at any time! And this is what Pinterest is ideal for.

Do they land on a publication of yours and find it interesting? Then they can click right through to the website or page you linked to this publication. So you can immediately complete a sale or subscribe to your newsletter! Money, money, moneyyyyy!

There are, of course, a lot of other benefits to using Pinterest. That’s why we recommend that you download the e-book “Pinterest for Brands” as soon as possible. Here you will learn everything from building your profile, to linking your webshop, strategies and personal tips and tricks from our expert Cindy. Have fun reading it!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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