Business: Here’s How Next Months Sales Become The Best


For over 3 years now, has been the go to business partner for digital communications for brands eager to get more reach and revenue. Even during the autumn and winter months, we always come up with a strong action plan to significantly boost your sales. Find out how you can also get more reach and sales in the coming months. 

For a lot of business owners, the fall months and end of the year is the time when they can make up sales shortfalls from the past few months. Although this period brings enormous opportunities, it also comes with a downside: your competitor(s) also want(s) to sell. Therefore, choose the Blogzine Advent Calendar and significantly increase your chances of scoring more sales this fall. 

Advent Calendar

Every December, we publish an Advent Calendar. We count down together from December 1 through December 25 and highlight one different company, brand or product each day via social media. As a company, you can choose to put forward a collection, gift guide or product. Those who want to do a contest (giveaway) together to, get even more reach, can do that too.

This year’s giveaway will also include an article featuring the brands/companies of the week to reach even more potential customers. How about that?!

How to participate

If you are interested in participating in the Advent Calendar, please send an email to You can choose to participate once, twice or maximum three times. We will discuss together when your company or product will best be published, depending on all the other requests we receive. You can sign up for the Advent Calendar until November 15th. 

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