Business: Four tips to get the most out of your Sales


Today, the sales season officially began. The majority of retailers are offering discounts to get rid of their old collection and stock. And consumers are eagerly taking advantage of this. But are you fully prepared to meet your sales target? Social Media Expert Cindy Van Dyck shares with you four important tips that you should definitely apply if you want to make a success of your sales period.

#1 You don’t have to wait to give big discounts

No one should tell you what discount you should give at the beginning of your sales. So do you want to start faster with bigger discounts than your competition? Just do it! This is also good to get rid of your stock faster and to be able to focus on your new collection.

#2 Combine products in sale with new collection as alternatives

Is there a product that is almost sold out? Of which not all sizes measure available or all colors? Then give them alternatives that are better, similar or from the new collection. If people really want something, they will pay for it. Even if it is slightly more expensive.

#3 Don’t forget to highlight your new collection separately

This one is hugely important. This is because there are people who have no interest in bargains and want to shop the new collection immediately. So make sure your new collection is ready on your webshop. Then highlight it weekly on your Socials in combination with the sales.

#4 Never leave or promote anything that’s already sold out!

There is nothing more annoying than opening a page where almost all the products are sold out. Or to click on a link whose product is no longer available. Remove these products. Potential customers will otherwise get the impression that you are only promoting products they can’t shop. And then they will start looking for that exact same product at the competition!

All you need to know about preparing your sales

It can be overwhelming to prepare everything for a sales campaign. And this even more so if you run a business on your own, where you also have to take care of your content, bookkeeping and so on. To help you prepare correctly and efficiently for all your special sales days and discounts, Cindy has put together an E-book and Video Replay that you can now download and view. You will love all the tips and tricks!

For every step you take with your business and as an entrepreneur, preparation and planning is an essential and indispensable factor for success. And this is no different with your sales. So if you also work with a Social Media Calendar, prepare your texts well and use the right templates, you will make every sales campaign a success! Good luck!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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