Business: Essential tools to become a successful Influencer


More and more creatives are finding their way to Social Media and have the opportunity to create original content with companies and their products. Are you one of them or are you still discovering your way into the online influencer world? Then this article is going to help you win collaborations and brand deals.

#1: Mediakit

You’ve probably heard the word media kit or press kit come up a few times. Especially if you’ve already been in contact with companies that want to work with you. And even though not every brand asks for it, it is useful to always have it at hand to come across as professional and structured.

The exact meaning is that in a mediakit you collect all the relevant information about who you are and what you do. But also why they should work with you. Actually, you can also look at it as your curriculum vitae when you go to apply for your job. Only here you focus mainly on your social media channels. Because that is what brands are interested in!

Once you have built a media kit you can spontaneously send it around to known PR agencies and brands you would like to work with. Or you can also use it when a company spontaneously contacts you. And since you obviously want to make sure that the mediakit will lead to you being chosen for a nice collaboration, we can look together at how you should set up and develop your mediakit step by step thanks to our e-book “How to build your Mediakit”. It has been written by Social Media and Influencer expert Cindy Van Dyck.

#2: Influencer Platforms

Most of the Influencer Platforms are a website on which brands can get in touch with influencers to work on specific Marketing Campaigns they have launched. The Platforms provide influencer discovery tools for brands and agencies. Some also offer massive searchable databases of potential influencers, using clever algorithms.

But there’s something new! And we are very proud to introduce you to our own Blogzine Academy for Influencers. This is the first Influencer Platform which offers you a structured content strategy plan! Next to that we offer personal guidance, collaboration opportunities and support on a daily base. Thanks to this platform we do not only ensure that the relationship between the brand and influencer is strengthened. We also help you to develop your vision, dreams and plans.

What is the difference with other platforms? If you are enrolled in the Blogzine Academy the focus is not on continuous pitching. We are going to guide you 7/7 and 1:1. This ensures you to create security! We want you to get the best brand deals, receive correct fees and become Brand Ambassadors for your dream brands!

We also organize monthly Masterclasses with our Blogzine Community, write E-books and work out collaborations for you. So not only do you learn a lot, you also end up in a group that supports each other, organizes things together and inspires! Sign up as an influencer through this link.

#3: Press Agencies

And last but not least, make sure that international and local press agencies know you. They are the ones that are in direct contact with the representatives of companies! Which also means that they are always looking for creative people who want to put products in the spotlight. Also Blog articles can be very interesting for them!

Important to know: most brands are represented by a press agency for press publicity. And this even by country! So make sure to send out your mediakit to more than just your residential country. Let us give you an example: if you are a Belgian influencer who also has a large reach in France, you may be in contact with agencies in both Belgium and France!

The Influencer world today is so oversaturated that you have to come out with a good plan to stand out and be seen. After all, brands are looking for unique stories every day and you could be the person for their campaign! Want to do it professionally? Then we would like to help you. You can find more info about the Blogzine Academy for Influencers here. Good luck!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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