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Currently, Instagram is the largest and most common platform on which entrepreneurs can be found, sales are generated and in which brands are invested in. However, it is not because everyone is on Instagram, that you should follow the trend. That’s why Social Media expert Cindy Van Dyck will share with you four main reasons to not only focus on Instagram.

In a world of algorithms and followers, know the true importance of human connection.

1. Not everything works for everyone

Let’s start with the essential: you need to carefully select your social media channels and see what would work best for you. Because obviously, not everything will work. Sure, some people have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, a blog or a LinkedIn page. And these days even TikTok as well. But that doesn’t mean this marketing model works for everyone.

So never base your opinion of what’s best for your business on your personal experience or what others tell you to do. Explore, research and dig deeper yourself. Search for other similar businesses and see what they do. Don’t copy them, but learn from them.

2. It’s about more than sales

Many businesses and entrepreneurs make the common mistake of only using Instagram to improve their sales. And I’m sorry to tell you that that is not how this platform, neither any social media platform, works.

Using Instagram for business is about building a brand, creating genuine conversation, reaching out to your customers and engaging with them. But most of all you also use Instagram to inspire them with your products and services. Don’t create a profile if your intentions are not in here.

3. It takes time to grow

Not every follower is your buyer. So don’t expect your followers’ buying habits to change immediately either. You need patience for this. Look at it this way: you also follow a lot of brands on Instagram and will probably never buy anything from them because you can’t really afford luxury goods or because you don’t have a need for them at the time.

For example, many people follow Designer brands on Instagram, but will they ever buy one for themselves? Still, they enjoy seeing this kind of content because it inspires them. Therefore, use your Social Media, and mainly Instagram, to strengthen your credibility and bond with your followers. If one day something happens and you have to deal with a crisis marketing situation, the brand loyalty you have built through your social media channels will mean a lot.

4. Instagram is not your Webshop

Today, the majority of businesses, have a webshop linked to their Instagram page. Especially when they sell goods. The risk of this is that you only focus on getting traffic to your Social Media shop, instead of your effective webshop and website. This means that you refute the focus of clicks from Google and lower the searchability score. Not only is this bad for your SEO, your customers are also never going to discover your own shop.

Then when you get hacked, or have problems due to Instagram being down for example, you won’t make any sales during this time. You then have to start all over again with a communication and marketing strategy to lead people to your real webshop, and that is double work and time you don’t have! So always focus on selling on your own page, than relying on a Social Media channel that is not yours! Because imagine if Instagram stops existing one day? What will you then do?

It is so important today to be open to new platforms. Enrich your horizons, dare to take on new challenges on Social Media and reach new customers all the time. And would you like to know how to handle other platforms properly? Then we at the Blogzine Academy would like to help you with a personal strategy!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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