Business: 5 Original Gift Ideas to Give to Your Clients this Season


The entrepreneurial landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Not only has it become a lot more challenging as more and more companies start up with the same offerings. Customers also expect more and more. With the upcoming holiday season, it is time to think about some original gifts that you can give to your customers in order to bind them to you and convince them to buy from you. 

#1 Personal greeting card

Personalized thank yous like a handwritten card (or even completely handmade), are a nice touch that any customer can appreciate. Especially if you are a small store and you know the customers well, a nice personal message is very nice.

#2 Christmas ornament

Most people still put up a Christmas tree, it is the tradition par excellence that makes the winter months just as cozy. As a store, you can gift everyone who buys from you in the store or through the web shop a nice bauble or a Christmas ornament. The nice thing about that is, they will think of you every year when they hang it in the tree. 

#3 Gift card top up

You can also choose to grant an additional amount to anyone who buys a gift card from you starting from a certain amount. For example a 100 euro voucher, then they get a 25 euro one on top. This will in any case ensure that the sale of gift cards goes up significantly. 

As a business, you can also choose to stand out even more. We think these two ideas are perfect for those who have a physical store: 

#4 Glühwein / Hot chocolate

Why not set up a nice booth in front of your store with delicious Mulled Wine or Hot Chocolate. Give everyone who makes a purchase in your store a coupon to go get a glass. This will make it a pleasant gathering at your door, your customers will get to know each other and you may attract even more customers!

#5 Kerstboom

Anyone who likes to put up a Christmas tree at home knows that it is usually searching to find one. And often it is not forgotten until it is almost too late. This year, why not choose to partner with a company that offers Christmas trees. For every purchase over a certain amount, gift all your customers a free Christmas tree. 


Just as everyone loves to have a Christmas tree in their home, finding a tasty turkey for Christmas dinner is always a challenge. Make it easy for your customers and give them a free turkey! 

Now we are very curious to know which of our gift ideas you like best. Feel free to let us know your take on this season! 

This article has been written by Angelo Vero

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