Business: 5 jobs you didn’t know they existed


You’ve probably seen titles like ‘top 10 jobs in 2020’ or ‘Top 7 high paying dream jobs ’ before. But what are the jobs we didn’t see coming and can make you money? Read all about them in the list below and maybe you discover your next job.

1. The inbetween model

These are models with sizes 36 to 40. This trend is emphasizing on body normality. We’re done with photoshopping and stress the importance of embracing bodyshape in every form or color for girls going through that adolescent stage.

It’s important to convey something that’s real to them because they look up to the models on the magazine covers or in editorials or in Victoria’s Secret, and they don’t realize that those pictures are extremely photoshopped. 

We saw two directions on the runway, the size 0 model and the plussize model. Now there is something in between that stresses on the importance of selflove and acceptance.

2. The modern witch

Powerful women have been deemed as deviant and dangerous throughout history, giving the term witch negative connotations and robbing these women of their power and voices.

The modern witch however is unapologetic, empowering and in touch with her self- spirituality.

These days, developing a name for yourself as a witch starts with finding your niche. Each witch is obsessed with some specific form of the craft. Some adore crystals, while others work with herbs and still others prefer animals. Whether it’s energy healing or tarot reading, or hormonal coaching, the modern witch embraces spirituality and makes money while practicing it.

3. The urban farmer

Every dreamt about combining living in the city with farming. Well today this is a possibility.

Agriculture jobs seemed to have taken the biggest blow after industrialization, but are making a spectacular comeback. More and more people, especially city dwellers, are starting to live more consciously and realize the impact industry has on the world. So we are working hard on ecological projects to restore a healthier balance. A phenomenon that leads to “urban agriculture”. Manage a vegetable park together? Growing vegetables or fruit on the roof of an apartment? Nothing strange about that anymore. Urban farmers will increasingly appear on the streets in the coming years.

4. The organization

Large companies sometimes lack the pioneering culture and organized chaos that reigns in start-ups. Therefore, they can call on an expert to shake things up. Hierarchical structures are being smashed in order to increase creativity and innovation.

5. The neuromarketeer

The goal of a neuromarketeer is making marketing and communication even more effective, through psychology and neuroscience. is a good example of this. They apply many psychological principles from the social sciences, with the aim of increasing sales and conversion. So they do not research the brain, but do apply the insights that come from this science.

Make no mistake: there is not one path to every job, and the future is unclear. What is clear is that one diploma no longer leads to one job, and that continuing to learn, evolve and experiment will be a much more important attitude in having and keeping a job.

This article has been written by @The Female Shift

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