Business: 3 Original Gifts For Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is for the daring. And no entrepreneur does it one hundred percent alone. Every entrepreneur needs support from those around, because that provides the necessary drive. Looking for an original gift for your favorite entrepreneur in the family? We give you 3 ideas for every budget.

#1 Gift a couple of business e-books

It’s never too late to learn or update business and marketing skills. Gift your favorite entrepreneur some e-books that you can easily purchase through Blogzine Academy’s web shop.

Our recommendations:

#2 Gift a kickstart

Do you know an entrepreneur who is starting out and could still use help building a strong business, marketing or communications plan? Then gift him or her a 3-month Kickstart with Blogzine Academy. 

#3 Gift a business coach

Fancy the whole group of friends or family giving your favorite entrepreneur a serious boost? Then you can pitch in together and donate a year’s membership to the Blogzine Academy. This will give him or her one year of all the help needed to make his or her business a success. A membership includes 24 one-on-one coaching sessions, free bootcamps as well as digital e-books, and 7-on-7 support for urgent questions and help. 

Whichever option you choose, your favorite entrepreneur will thank you. After all, you are helping to build his or her professional future and that is worth everything! Right?

This article has been written by Angelo Vero

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